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Obama’s Legacy Under Siege

November 27th, 2016 || No Comments »

    As Mr.Trump’s cabinet  takes shape,there are fears that he will implement all his promises to the end. President  Obama is said to have told black voters in one of his  campaign trail for  Hillary Clinton that  if they dont come out to vote, and Mr. Trump wins, it would be  an insult to … Read More

Why Is The World So Confused About Mr. Donald J. Trump’s Victory

November 20th, 2016 || No Comments »

  The media was blinded by the fact that they did not want Mr.Trump elected, and refused to envisage the possibility of Mr.Trump’s Presidency.   Mr. Trump’s victory  came as a shock to many.Many did not believe that Mr.Trump would ever be the President of the United States, and so the world did not prepare … Read More

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