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Is Christianity Increasingly Becoming A religion For The Rich?

December 4th, 2015 || No Comments »

These attitudes in this church, I believe, is the microcosm of what goes on in the modern church, if not all.   I am increasingly getting worried about the trend Christianity is taking. A few years back when I was jobless and broke, I decided to attend a church which is very influential in the … Read More

The Struggle For The Soul Of Islam:Can Sunnis And Shiites Ever Make Peace?

June 19th, 2015 || No Comments »

  The greatest threat to Islam is not Christianity, Judaism or any other religion but Islam itself.   Islam is a religion mainly formed in Saudi Arabia and is about 1,400 years old, approximately in the 7th century by a man called Muhammad. Islam is a monotheistic religion, meaning that Islam was and is established … Read More

Killing In The Name Of Religion : Would Our World Be A Better Place To Live In If We Do Away With Religion ?

May 20th, 2015 || No Comments »

  Based on these issues  I have raised, do you think the world would be a better place without  religion?   This question had been asked by great and the low, luminaries and philosophers over centuries now and still being asked. In the medieval times, the bible had been used under the pretext of killing … Read More

Hinduism-The Religion Of The People Of India (Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of Hinduism)

November 8th, 2014 || 2 Comments »

I have always said on this platform and elsewhere that, until you understand people never criticize them or discriminate against them. Many Africans, Americans and Europeans, and other cultures who are mostly Christians,Moslems and other religions not specified here, have this misconceptions about their religion being the best, and therefore they don’t need to understand … Read More

How Africans Are Being Led By The Church Into Their Own Doom

October 11th, 2014 || 1 Comment »

                      I guess Our God is not a God of vindictiveness Africa has been touted as the last hope and savior of the Christian Religion. Considering the near and a virtual collapse of Christianity in Europe. In Latin America, most of the Christian faith practiced … Read More

The Illegality Of Christian Tithing:Why Jesus, Peter, Paul And The Poor Did Not Tithe(Pt.2)

October 4th, 2014 || No Comments »

The false teaching is that everybody in the Old Testament was required to  give to God at the ten per cent level. The poor were not required to tithe at all! Neither did the tithe came from the results of man’s crafts, hands and skills. Only farmers and herdsmen gathered what God produced as tithe … Read More

The Illegality of Christian Tithing: The Early Christian Church Rejected Tithing

September 27th, 2014 || 3 Comments »

If any member of my synagogue paid tithe in the scriptural manner, he would be disobeying the law of God—he would be sinning against God.-A Jewish Rabbi   The earliest Christians modeled themselves after the Jewish synagogues which were led by rabbis who, like Paul, refused to gain a profit from preaching and teaching God’s … Read More

Buddhism: What We Need To Know (A Brief History) ,Teachings and Its Lessons

July 26th, 2014 || No Comments »

Buddhism began in a region of northeast India, part of which is now the present day Nepal. The vast majority of the population practiced forms of Hindu tradition under the leadership of a strong Brahmin Priest hood. Ritual and belief centered largely on this worldly concerns such as managing weather to ensure good harvest and … Read More

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