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How Gambling And Betting Can Lead To An Unfulfilled Life

September 20th, 2014 || 2 Comments »

  They should have invested the money and then spent only the interest.   Gambling and betting has caused so much havoc to noble individuals who wished they could had lived a peaceful and a better life whilest they go about their simple daily lives. People’s reputation have been tainted, and some had lost their … Read More

Total Disclosure: What To Reveal And What Not To Reveal In An Intimate Relationship

July 5th, 2014 || 1 Comment »

  You must take the risk to disclose yourself in order to become more real, more human. And even if the price is high-Isabelle Adjani   Disclosing secrets in romantic relationship either in a marriage or a relationship leading to marriage can be a nerve- wracking, and can also foster more attraction in a relationship.Revealing … Read More

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