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Reparation For Slavery:A Legitimate Claim?

April 15th, 2015 || No Comments »

Our pain in the past should lead  us not into hate and relishing revenge, but rather make us  more wiser and  humane to our fellow Africans  which will eventually  lead to real justice,freedom and total economic emancipation for all.   Some historians who have no idea about Africa’s glorious past before the tragic and embarrassing … Read More

Reparation For Slavery:The Unresolved Issue That Still Haunts America and The West

April 8th, 2015 || No Comments »

    We must all understand that the black man is a tired giant, and has always being in a hypersensitive mood and very confused since the end of slavery. Until the black man goes back to history and correct the wrongs done them, they will never have peace. In 2013, at the UN general … Read More

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