12 Special Quotes That Will Spice Your Life

12 Special Quotes That Will Spice Your Life

These special quotes are very insightful and helpful,just memorize and meditate upon them,it will change your life for the better.They are twelve, specially selected for you.Just read them below:


  •  No one can last forever.We can’t,the other side can’t.It’s merely a question of who can stand it any longer.The one who must hold on any longer is the one who got everything at stake…. (Adolf Hitler)


  • When you love a man,or a woman,you are always loving someone who is imperfect,someone who is sick,weak,sinful…….If you really love her,you will strengthen her,you will save her….(Father Michel Quoist)


  •  I have found that it is possible,by writing, to reach more people and in a more lasting way than can ever be done by public speaking or by radio or television….(Norman Vincent Peal)


  • When the people prosper,one can conclude with certainty that affairs of state are in order,all as a direct result of the emperor keeping his priority straight….(Confucius)


  •  You could have the most brilliant mind,teeming with knowledge and Ideas,but if you choose the wrong subject or problem to attack, you can run out of energy and interest.In such a case all of your intellectual brilliance will lead to nothing….(Robert Greene)


  •  I cannot offer my guarantees for the future,and I am sure great ordeals lie before us,but I feel hopeful as never before that we shall emerge safely and also gloriously,from the dark valley….(Winston Churchill)


  •   The principle that military commanders should not be judged by results,but by the quality of their effort….(Winston Churchill)


  • When ever human beings are in harmony with nature,all persons and things flourish.There is therefore no serious distinction or incompatibility between the physical and spiritual,the human and the divine….(A Shinto doctrine)


  • The more information you have about someone,the better you’ll be able to judge whether or not this person will make a good mate.The less information you have about someone,the more likely you will end up angry,disappointed,or heartbroken….(Barbara De Angelis)


  •    The battle we ought to be fighting is within ourselves;that battle,if we bring valor to it,we cannot lose….(Og Mandingo)


  • Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle….(Plato)


  • Only the dead have seen the end of war….(Plato)


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