22 Things You Should Know Before Age 30 (Part 1)

   At age 30, the experiments are over, you must get down to work.

The most serious years of our lives are the years before age 30.All what you will become and all what you will be, is as a result of these years. In moral or intellectual wise, one will have to make good of his life during these years so he won’t ruin his life. When you get it wrong with these years, I bet you,you will find life very difficult. Get these years right, and you will live the rest of your life peaceful and in contentment. Help your children go through these years wisely, and you will be a proud parent. It will help them make better choices after their thirties.



The type of school you will go, and the kind of profession you will chose should be your utmost priority in these years.I mean the ages before age 30. Choosing a wrong school for your education can be the greatest mistake of your life. Choose schools that are better ranked. Such better ranked schools have good teachers, Good infrastructure and the student there may be children of very prominent people and the brilliant in  society who are likely to climb the socio-economic ladder faster than usual. Meeting them at school and mingling with them will be very helpful in the future. The late Lee Kuan Yew ,the father and the architect of the Singaporean development, said that he went to Harvard because he wanted to meet the future business leaders,The future CEO’s,The future Industrial leaders, and the future Company Leaders, so he can court them to Singapore. And it worked. The Profession you choose must not be any profession, but it must be based on what your passions are. You must choose courses that will make you useful, and not useless after school. You must do courses you love to do, and not because they are hot cakes or you will easily get a job after completion.Doing  courses without you loving it may waste your time and money. Remember, you can do all the mistakes you want to make but not at age 30.At age 30, you should understand that you are living  no room for mistakes. Age 30, the experiments are over and you must get down to work .Many a man had ruined their lives for not taking this all important aspect of their life very seriously. I urge all parents to do well to assist their children in choosing the right profession and school, and should not leave  these important decision to their children in that name of following what the child wants.At their  tender age, it may seem the child knows what he or she wants but, hey! they don’t know anything, just guide them.

Developing  A  wrong  Talent


I have always said in other platforms that you can be in the best schools in the world but if you are developing a wrong talent, you will just be wasting your time and money. You should discover your talent and then go to a school that will help you develop it. Parents and would- be parents, should help their kids find their talents quickly so they can be placed in the schools that will help bring the best out of them. So find your talent and develop it .If you don’t find it at the right time so you can work on it before age 30, you will be miserable.

Learn  To  Make  Right  Love  Choices


When we were all children, we played with the opposite sex without thinking anything untoward about them. We thought of nothing about sex .We thought we were the same, until puberty striked, and then we started seeing in each other in a different light. Our emotions started rolling any time we see people who fit our description of lovers. Thanks to the media, they came in and helped us shaped the kind of men and women who are desirable only on screens but refused to teach us virtue in the process. Eventually we went after all these “frogs” the media has projected and  portrayed as good men and women. Our lives were ruined to the core. We have to come back to consider our ways. The unfortunate aspect of all these relationships issues are that some were not able to recover from the loses they encountered, so they became bitter. Some too were stuck hopelessly into one toxic relationship, not knowing what to do and so they stayed there and rotted. Before age thirty, you have to discard all these bullshit, and make the right choice. Good relationships are learned: in other for you have a good relationship, you must learn how good relationships are conducted, and this platform has enough resources to help you do that.You should go through all the various categories on this great website,and you will find good stuff there that will help you. By reading, observing and asking questions and so forth,you will gain more insight about cultivating better relationships that will help you in the long run in your choice for a better partner. If you don’t learn how one is loved and receiving one yourself, you will miss the mark making a meaningful impact in your life and that of others.Love should be learned over and over, until nothing is left. The kind of love you learn in the home may not be the right ones. You must cultivate a new philosophy of love to help you better love the other person. You must know all these before age 30.



An Akan, a tribe in west Africa (Ghana) ,proverbs says, “If  you refused to move, you  brood over your setbacks.” And eventually,I believe, you will hatch it like the way hen hatch it eggs, and you will eventually suffer loss. This Akan Proverbs is encouraging us to travel to places that will help us bring forth our potential. Many a man had found more success in traveling than when in one place. During 15th century many moved from Europe for a better life in the Americas, Asia and eve in Africa, and they did incredibly well than when they are at home. If you dwell in one place, you will be blinded by your own surroundings and you will lose sight of many opportunities around you.Have you noticed that the immigrants are more aggressive in their quest for a better life than the citizens.Go to the US,Canada,Australia etc Immigrants want to do anything to achieve success.They get more motivated to achieve something in a foreign land than in their own homeland.They become so successful because they see opportunities that citizen’s don’t see. At least ones a year, go to places you have never been before. We have to change environment if we really want to take advantage elsewhere. Before age 30, you must have this philosophy firmly in your mind that you will be traveling to seek opportunities from other lands ,when such door of opportunity opens, and be prepared for that.

Friendship  And  Acquaintance


By the age 30 you should already be strategic in choosing your friends. Any friendship that does not give you any meaningful benefits, you break up. Make networking your priority.Join social clubs that will help you in contact with people who will help you go to where you want to go in the long run. You make friends according to where you want to go and your wants. If all your friends are drug addicts, it gives the indications that the direction you want to go is drug addiction. Before age 30,you must have this firmly in your mind that friends can make you or unmake you. So go to places that you will be celebrated and not tolerated.Make sure you get the best out of every friends you make.

Inferiority / Superiority  Complex


I have seen many ladies and gentlemen who think too highly of themselves or too lowly of themselves than they are supposed to. Thinking of being more superior to the others makes you more arrogant, disrespect the other person’s views, and it does bring a lot of conflicts. During the Nazi era, Adolf Hitler wanting to raise the German spirit and their morale, started making the other European countries to feel less superior. By claiming that The Aryans are of a higher race than any other race in human history. And with that mentality was the bed rock for the Second World War. Avoid this tendency and see all human beings as equal and not discriminate against any of them. You must also watch so you won’t think too lowly of yourself .I have said over and over on this platform that if you are not careful, Inferiority complex can ruin you. Without you having a good self-image about yourself,you will never live your full potential because you will be afraid you will step on people’s toes, and with successes, stepping on people’s toes is part of the process .Eliminate these pit falls before you reach age 30.


Ponder over these points, and we will continue with the rest next week.But before I take my leave I will like to correct this impression and that even if you are beyond 30, these precepts still hold relevant. You can always make amends if you really want to, and that is what infinity thinkers are always about. To make amend when we know we are on the wrong path..


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