22 Two Things You should Know Before Age 30(Part 2)

22 Two Things You should Know Before Age 30(Part 2)

                     For this reason I say to you read good books and it will make your   life better


We are continuing  with the second part of this rendition.I want you take these point seriously.Many had gone past these precepts and had ruin their lives.I don’t want you go through the same.These precepts are tried and tested rules.They are potent, and very effective for a life time living.


Examine  Your  Life


It is unto every man at some point in time to examine his life carefully as to whether the life his is leading now, is the one he wants. I think the best time to do this must be on your birthdays, Christmas, new year or any other special day deem fit. All these must be done before age 30.Examination of one’s life is a life  time business. Sit down alone quietly, and take stock of your life. Where you have done well, you reward yourself. Where you haven’t, you must develop a new strategy. As the sage said an “un examined life is worth not living”. You must take stock either every year or every month to check whether you on the right path, and you on your way to achieve your goals.




Reading have made men, and have destroyed men. Books have caused men to war, and this same books have risen men from obscurity to prominence. Before age 30 and beyond, you must read more books than you ought to read. No great man had ever lived, and had not read books. Borrowing ideas from others is now a currency. Borrowing experience and knowledge and making use of it is the shortest cut you can think of. Experiences make a man. Books are peoples’ experiences written in pages. You don’t need to go through all the experience before you can say you’ve gotten something .If someone spends at least 20 years of making some mistakes and he writes in his book, what he is implying is that, “don’t make the mistakes I did. “So you too can avoid the same mistakes he did. On doing so, you cut and compress time .It gives you an ample time to use your time judiciously, for life is short. In so doing, you don’t waste precious time making the same mistakes again. For this reason I say to you read good books and it will make you.It will make your life better.It will improve your horizon. Read bad books and you will be ruined forever. Man once said, he borrowed a book from a friend for only 15 minutes to read and that was the end of his freedom. It took him so many years to recover from that 15 minutes of unproductive reading.In building your house, library must be the first thing that should come in mind.You must have  library in your house.When a visitor visits you in your house,the first thing he should see is your library and not your Plasma TV.

Being  Taken  Advantage  of


I have observed some evil that men of influence, and men in a certain position do to their own fellow men. When greed takes over them, and when men are at their mercy, they take advantage of them. In the work environment, they sexually molest them. Some are verbally and physically abusive and nobody will dare to point a finger at them because of their pedigree. My observation here is that you will be taken advantage of as you inch the mark of 30 and beyond. But you must not be fooled and not knowing what to do. In your relationship (business or romantic), you must demand win-win all the time. In life where there are no win-win situations there are no relationships. You have to live your life in such way that you will win in the end. If you cannot demand win-win then go to places that will help you get one. There are situations where there are less jobs in an area, someone takes advantage to offer job prospectors low pay so much that the prospectors feel sorry for themselves. Listen to me,I am making it very clearly to you,do not waste your time with these evil men when they want to take advantage of you. At age 30, remember you will never allow anyone to take advantage of you.

Patience  Is  A  virtue – Learn  Patience


Being patient is not sleeping or sitting down in wait for something good to happen to you. Patient is waiting and still hustling .Patient is waiting and still works toward your goal. Patient is continuous expectation. Be patient with yourself my friend, the world isn’t going anywhere, it is still where it was yesterday. Be patient with the earth and yourself, it was here first. One of the greatest pitfalls of men is their inability to stay calm and stay patient in midst of trouble. They want to do something quickly to relieve themselves from their troubles without going through the necessary channels. Get rich quick scheme are all of forms of impatience. As you inch 30 and beyond, you must get rid of this impatience tendency and get this right from the beginning or else you will ruin your life along the way. Many had left their conscience and had followed all kinds of evil schemes because they want to get ahead quickly. I have seen and heard many  men who  had gotten ahead of themselves because they cannot wait for success to come to them, they had to go and look for it either by hook or crook .The better illustration I can give about patience is the farmer. Look at how patient farmers are in waiting for their crops to grow. They plant the seeds and yet still wait to let it sprout. When we refuse to be patient, we cut short our success. One of the greatest advice we give about patience,as young men and women, be patient and learn all you can. Don’t allow money to be your motivation, let your interest in knowledge be your greatest motivation.it is then that all your dream will start coming to pass, and the money you want will start flowing.Delayed gratification is the watch word here.


Develop  Your  Emotional  Will


For you to develop your emotional will, you must first understand your emotional patterns and that of others. You must first understand where you were brought up; the environment in which you lived can have a huge influence on your emotional development.A country like Ireland, it said that they have issues with anger. So if you live in a country like that, you will naturally develop anger problems. But with you it shouldn’t be so. You must not allow any country, town, culture and even friends to determine your emotional will. You must be above your emotions and rule them at your own behest. You must control it and not allowing it to control you.AS you inch age 30 and beyond, and when  you are able to develop your Emotional Will successfully, you will have about 45 percent peace guaranteed in your life.In other words, develop your emotional intelligence to a capacity that will begin to direct your decisions in all your doings. If you have not done enough work in this all important aspect of your life, you will find life every difficult. Our emotions are blind and have ‘no sense’, so to speak .It behaves in the whims and caprices of the environment. I have had a full share of my emotional outburst and its byproducts.  I’m still working on it. One of the most difficult aspect of all what I have encountered in my life is my emotions. It controls all our lives in every turn. Let me tell you this, if you’re able to bring this emotions under your will, you will have the whole world at your feet. As you grow, work on them and make sure you are free from all emotional entanglement.


We will continue next week with the next part  of more revealing truths of this rendition.

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