22 Two Things You should Know Before Age 30(Part 3)

                              Forgiveness is a virtue, practice it.

Dear friends,this is the last episode of our journey  before and beyond age 30.Learn all you can and be the better person you have always wanted to be.

Learn to Give


It is said that giving paves way for many opportunities that are rare.Benefits that comes with giving are enormous. In the past, many rich men are said to be sad because of their money.But today, rich men are able to buy happiness by their mere act of giving. Christians call these benefits of giving, blessings. The business man calls it inducement. I will call it a manipulative tool. To encourage someone to do something for you, there is one thing you must do and that is to give out with an intention of getting it back through some other way. With an intention of giving and getting it back is an act trying to manipulate the person. As  young  people, there are two things I want you to consider when giving. The reasons why you must give are that: You give because you want to psychologically manipulate someone to help you get something you don’t have. Let them call it bribery, you shouldn’t care, but your main aim is to influence someone to do your bidden.Another reason you want to give is that you give because you want to give back to society; to help someone in need. You give because of God’s blessing he has bestowed on you, and so want to show kindness. With this, you give without expecting anything back. But mind you, it’s your responsibility to make sure that those receiving the money receives it and are using the donated money with the intended purpose. You must follow up till the money is used rightly.Especially those NGOs and some individuals, who misapply  the money giving. You must be wise in your donation. At least every year you must do some charity work. Help someone in need and refuse to have any intention of getting something out of it.

Hard Working


My mum will always say that no matter how hard working you are, you can’t be killed by it. Everything you hope to be and ever be, you will have to get it through hard work .To be hard working is a lot of work and needs a lot of discipline to get to that level.AS you inch closer to thirty and beyond, hardworking must be part of your philosophy. The glory is in the work. Work.

On The Thresh Hold of Success


As you get to thirty, you must understand that things are always not going to get rosy. If you have not started going through tough situations now, then you will be probably experiencing it soon. Observe this, this world of ours is full of frustrations, and you will go through it many times. But there are other frustrations which are more debilitating than when one has being told he has a cancer. This situation occurs when you know everything is going all right and to your favor, and then in the end, you don’t know what happened then you lose it .You are a boxer, you have won all the eleven rounds and you were hoping that the bell will ring  to signal your victory, until one blow from nowhere ended your dream and your carrier. You got so close yet too far .You had a woman of your choice by working so hard coupled with sleepless night and anxiety. She agreed to marry you, and you were excited until she visited you and saw your former girlfriend’s attire and mistakenly attributed it as another woman. She saw it, and that was the end of the relationship. On the thresh hold of success. You have been searching for a job all your life, you got to interview and everything was moving so well until one panel member asked a ‘wicked’ question and that ended your hope. I just want you to understand that not all may go well despite strong hope and faith. You should understand that this is normal but such bad omen shouldn’t linger on for a long time or else you will get more frustrated. Get this and you will live your life the way it should be. But you must also make sure you are not the problem, check the gauge of your life by looking at your level of pride, laziness, and little, little behaviors that seem to derail you from your real goal. You must work on yourself and eliminate those weaknesses.

Own Your Own Business


Research has it that for anyone to really have a success financially, he must indeed start his own business. Working for someone in the long run may not be in your interest. You must start it as soon as you finish your college and by age 30 you might have acquired enough experience for your cherish business .You need capital and Ideas to start the business you always wanted. There are people who don’t have such a good background in terms of finance so they can pick up a job to get some money  and  start on their own. Also you might have some money but the discipline, and the know- how might not be there. You have to choose an industry you want to go into. If they won’t give you a job there, offer to work for free. After you  are satisfied with the knowledge you have acquired, you leave .Working for someone all your life is evil in itself. You must get a life. You must be wanting to take risk, and have all the freedom you want.

Always Look Good


Always look your best and not extravagantly. You must be neat and clean. For you will be addressed according to your dressing. Before age thirty, you must know the appropriate dressing you must dress on all occasions and must be abreast with current fashion, so you may not lose out or get embarrassed. You must look good for success. People are treated better and respected and even treated differently when they dress well.If you are a woman and you don’t look good,only cowards and nonentities will approach you.

Always Think About Your Health


I guess everyone here has fallen sick some couple of time and I can tell you, it’s not pleasant for one to get sick. Getting sick all the time is nerve wracking.It’s  emotionally draining and can really empty your purse and eventually your demise. Every activity you engage in, you must have your health at heart. If you know the job you are doing will eventually send you to your grave, I know you must survive but your health is more important than your job. You must find jobs that are less hazardous. You must watch your food, the water you drink and you must exercise regularly. I started exercising at the age of 22 and over 12 years now, and I have never stop exercising. I check my food very well to make sure they are nutritious. At age 30 you must be health conscious and healthy, avoid drug abuse, avoid alcohol at all cost, Avoid smoking at all cost, and avoid any other abusive substances. You must enter age 30 with clean bill of health and beyond. What about if you already engage in abusive substances or addicted to something? Then you must do something drastic. There are some resources on this plat form, just read it and it will be helpful. Or yet still,you go and see a therapist or Psychologist to help you.

Save And Invest


Every wise young man, for him to be successful, must learn how to save and then invest. Before age 30 and beyond, you should have been investing and saving already. It should be part of you. People spend money as soon as they get it. You are not being wise and you will grow poor if every money you get,you spend.



Forgive all those who have wronged you in the past. Go and make an amends. Make things right and “be at peace with all men”. You do yourself much good when you forgive. The best gift you can give to yourself is to forgive. We all get all sorts of ailments from forgiveness issues. Do you know that research has shown that 61 % of all cancer patients have forgiveness issues? Before age 30,you must rid yourself from little bitterness and stay away from people who will give you a course to do so. No happy person, will ever enjoy freedom if he cannot forgive. People will step on our toes, we will step on others, but in all, we must demonstrate our ability to forgive to save our cherished soul from damnation.


Learn all these points above and it will save you a lot of heart aches.This what I have learnt about life.

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