About this great page(is all about you)

My name is Don Harder @your service.

I bring you the best information  and knowledge that you will ever find anywhere to make your life better.Helping you overcame your doubts and challenges,presenting you with hope.

I attended a university that had no specific location, owns no property,pays no salaries and receives no material dues.And that school,Aristotle and Plato lectured me.There I sat under the feet of Confucius and Sun Tzu. Jesus of Nazareth,Moses,Buddha and Mohammed lectured me on religion.There I saw Alexander and Cyrus the Great,and had a chat with them,even chastised them for being too ambitious .Galileo and Copernicus thought me about our solar system  and the power of keeping quite when all odds are against you.Napoleon Bonaparte,Mark Twain,Otto Von Bismark,Napoleon Hill,Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi,Adolf Hitler,Winston Churchill,Joseph Stalin,Viktor E. Frankl,Robert Greene and Michael M. Pirsig were all my lecturers. Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X,Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, all lectured me on Pan Africanism and Black Equality.

I Only Teach Truths And Facts,And Nothing Else.

A lot of people tell me that most of my teachings are very difficult to comprehend. I agree with them to some extent. I agree, because they come to me for me to teach them quick fixes. They want me to teach them how to short circuit the process for their own advantage. I teach enduring principles. Principles that will liberate them from the shackles they’ve intertwined themselves with. I teach freedom, real freedom. I teach them how to be what they always wanted to be, not on their terms but the nature’s terms. I teach evolutionary freedom. I teach them how to attack problems and not cover them up, because covering issues up contain damn consequences. I teach them how to cultivate peace of mind. I don’t teach fallacies. I teach them enduring relational principles. I teach them infinity thinking; a thinking that is far beyond their  immediate scope of  thinking,thereby being ahead of their generation and  their time.

My teachings are not based on lies. My teachings are not based on feel -good philosophies where at the end, your problems still remains. My teachings are hard work and hard truth. You should understand that for you to get anything good and worth mentioning, you will have to get it by hard work.

There is no short cut to success. If you have identified any character flaws that  needed to be worked on, and it’s really weighing you down, I won’t tell you go home and do nothing. And that in the end your problems will be resolved by itself.No. I will tell you to work on your weaknesses until you eliminate them. I will tell you work, work, work,and  don’t sleep over it until you eliminate it completely.Attack the causes and make it right, and you will get the right results. If you work on the result you will fail, but if you work on the causes you will succeed. Others will tell you to work on the effects because it is very gratifying, but I tell you  it leads to destruction.They have no idea of the causes so they teach you things that will make you only happy for  a short time ,but in  the end your problems are even worse than ever. Just like cosmetic teachings that only work on the surfaces, and only scratches on the surfaces, but the root causes of the problems  are still buried deep within.

I won’t teach you to quickly judge someone because they don’t agree with your point of view, but I will teach to always look at someone’s points of view in a clear and  an unprejudiced manner.

Only few human beings want to work, but the huge chunk of us want to have everything so easily.Life is very difficult,is either you work and you got your success or someone worked for you to have gotten all what you have now,even that you will have to justify your inclusion by working to maintain that success.So all boils down to work.

This makes my teachings very difficult, but it will equip you to liberate your very soul from damnation .It will cause you to be retrospective and introspective, so you can have some time for yourself and be at peace with yourself .That is what I preach.I am not on this platform to talk about myself as others of many platforms does.I’m here to talk about you and your problems so I can help you solve it.It is because of you that I’m here.It is because of your love for Infinity Thinkers World Wide Fraternity,that is why I’m here.It is you that I will talk about and not me.

Trust me, I won’t tell you is an easy teachings but try it, and you will never regret  the choice you’ve made.It will be  worth the try and  effort, and you will be glad you did.My teachings and philosophies have been tried and tested by sages and philosophers of  old  and it never failed them.These tried and tested teachings  will never fail you,no matter how long it takes.