Africa Is sitting On A time Bomb

Africa Is sitting On A time Bomb


                                         Africa is risk in wide scale terrorism, if unemployment is not tackled

I boarded a public transport, moving between regions of our country, and I happened to sit close to this woman. If I would guess, she could be in her fifties. Normally, I don’t like being a car or an airplane where I sit by someone, and no chatting. I have made it a habit that anyone who sits close by me anywhere,I will try and engage them in conversation. And since I started doing this, I have had the opportunity to know,learn about people and have reached  more people than I can imagine.I have learned so much from these encounters. And had been angered so much about these encounters too. But any way, the most important thing about the whole issue is that I learn a great deal. Many times I am drawn to ague and even debate issues on national and continental importance. Normally, I don’t like talking about African politics because, it breaks my heart to see Africa being raped, left and right by Western corporations, western nations, and even their own leaders .

I told her that the way things are going on African issues and the mounting myriad of problems confronting us and  the inability of our leaders to solve these problems ,I don’t think there is hope for our children and even ourselves on the continent, and that I think the best THING the youth can do is to leave the country and for that matter the continent.

She didn’t take kindly of what I said. She cursed me that I am one of the few who are not seeing anything good about the continent and therefore one of the doom Sayers of the country.I smiled and asked her what work she does, and she exclaimed that she is in the civil service. She was in indeed angry with me with my earlier entrances.She brought in a story of government intervention where her outfit has been tasked to issue out money to the poor folks in the rural areas. I asked her how much is the money being issued out to the poorer folks, she said “about $18 annually”. I asked her, what are they to use $18 for, she said “to shore up their daily expenses”.I  told her point blank that the people don’t need those little monies; they need even far bigger monies to help them in their farms and their business. What the political parties have been doing in Africa now is that when they are in power they give monies to the rural folks so they can sell their conscience, and then vote for them in the next elections. There is so much corruption that the youth is disillusions-no jobs. And the POLITICAL leaders Of Africa don’t care. Such environment  is a catalyst for terrorism and it is already happening in Nigeria, Libya, and Tunisia. The continent is boiling hot for the youth, and they are becoming so hopeless that they are ready to do anything to survive. Some have finished school for so many years, and still don’t get jobs to do. So when any terrorist group offers a peanut, they are likely to take it in good faith, and destroy their various countries and the continent for that matter, in no time.

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