Our greatest lack is not money for any undertaking, but rather ideas, If the ideas are good, cash will somehow flow to where it is needed-Robert H. Schuller


Everything you see here and now was once an idea: the cars, the aeroplanes, huge planned Cities including the city of New York, Brasilia, Johannesburg etc. was an idea. All the drugs you see around including the now EBOLA drug, miracle drugs that have changed millions of lives, quality medical services which are making people live longer than any other generations ever lived on planet earth, all started from a single idea.

City of New York
City of New York
Brasilia the federal capital of Brazil

Researchers have shown that every day, you have about 50,000 thoughts running through your mind. These thoughts, I believe, are wealth and your problems. All your problems and your downfall are all from these thoughts. Never allow your thoughts to run wild so that you lose control .You lose control of your thoughts and you’re finished with life. So far as your thoughts can enslave you, so is your deliverance comes from your thoughts too. I believe that 20% of the 50,000 are your wealth and your deliverance.Just pay attention to both divide and harness the good side of these thoughts and you will never regret for a day.


As I have said Earlier, the 80% of your thoughts are chaff. It talks about the hurts of the past, revenge, bitterness, scheming to hurt someone, apathy, unsympathetic etc. So making use of this 80% will never give you the peace of mind you want. So if you really need the peace of mind and the financial freedom you have always wanted, then you need to bang on the door of 20% of good thoughts. How do we harness this liberating thoughts to our benefit?


Your business is to always to fill the greatest organ of the body, the mind, with right informations.You should always be selective in your readings. You should read books only on places you’re heading to in your life. Any time someone becomes prominent and started either misbehaving or behaving very well, then the only recourse of their behavior are about what they’re imbibing into their faculty .After Hitler was appointed Chancellor, and started persecuting the Jewish people and saying all kinds Racist Slants against Africans and Indians, it was realized the he was reading books and newspapers that spread hates and Racism and putting the Aryans as a superior race ahead of any other race.
This century has been touted as the golden age of Idealism and advancement of the human race. What billions of people dreamt of for centuries has been achieve within the space 100years.No generation has ever achieve such a feat in a single generation, in hundred years of history of humanity. We have invented air crafts which can travel about 50000km/h, we have explored the planets and space. We have develop weapons that could crumple the earth within hours. We fly information all over the world in nanoseconds. We can change our human nature to suit our perception. Example if any woman or man is dissatisfied with their nature they can be made to change that for their behest .What is it that we have not dream of that we have not achieve? I think living a long life and eliminating disease completely, I believe it can be achieved within 300 years.


Surrounding yourself with nincompoops will do you no good. Being friends with agitators and people with no purpose will end you nowhere. But people with ideas, vision, purpose, even if you have no purpose on your own they will carry you along. Could you imaging if you were the friend of Bill Gate or Steve Jobs when they first started their companies. Even if you have no Idea what they are doing, theY will still convince you to join them. They either would carry you or they would drop you along the way. Good friends with great minds will always discuss ideas and everything that encourages improvements of the individual. You should understand that you can’t achieve success alone. You need visionary, talented people to surround yourself with. Thomas Edison surrounded himself with the talented Nicola Tesla and he invented many products that we are enjoying today.Henry Ford also surrounded himself with talented people and he achieved the one single Idea, to manufacture his famous V-8 motor and the entire eight cylinders engine.

So you see, negative thoughts are so many than the positive ones, which is why evil abounds all over around us. The fights we are fighting in all our lives is not a physical fight but a mental fight, a fight against the 80% which is pulling us down on every side of the divide. Battles are won in the mind before it is fought.That is why you have to protect your mind from being infiltrated by your environment:what you see,hear and feel.

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