Be Grateful-Not Everybody Has What You Have

Be Grateful-Not Everybody Has What You Have

      For everything you’re not grateful for, you lose them.


I spent one month and a week in the far off  typical village in the country side. I have this simple maxim that “every year, go to some where you have never being. “ So I took this maxim seriously and traveled.


That  community of which I and the  team went and situated was harsh, very hot dry environment, no electricity, no mobile reception;unless  at a particular spot.

And for that matter, all the villagers who want to do calls,will have to crowd in one place. No privacy at all. Unless one will have to wake up around 1 am before he can get some privacy, which is something tedious to do for some of us. And even that, mosquitoes and certain fleas that are so tiny that  cannot be seen any how, will be biting you hard.Upon our first arrival, I noticed that almost all the children had been bitten by these fleas and had their legs and arms  full of sores. The team had their bodies taken over by these flees. I had my own share of these flees the first week I spent there, but I had to quickly consult the health personnel’s there to give me some directions; my colleagues refused to comply so they suffered greatly for their hard hearted spirit. But with children together with their parents has no enough monetary resources to help by them buy this simple insect repellants, of about $1 to ward off these insects. It calls for a sober reflection on my part and how grateful I am. And not only should I be thankful but what I can do to help.

No  Teachers  in  their  schools


These 6 villages each has a primary school and a junior secondary school. The teachers of these schools should have had teachers numbering about 60.Only 10 teachers are qualified, only 6 are volunteers who are not being paid. These volunteers only come to classes when they don’t have anything doing;most of the time they have something doing. The teachers too are not motivated and the student’s population are overwhelming.But many of the student are stopping the schools because there are no teachers to teach them. Most teachers will have to farm in other to augment their salaries. The team decided we volunteers as teachers during our stay. I took some of the teaching engagements.I did  not only take to the educational side but I gave them a lot of encouragement.I told them point blank  that though they may be far off from civilization but so close,but when they are determined with one single purpose in their hearts and minds, they will  change  by not only making their world a better place but others also. That they should never look around their environment and get discouraged but work hard and take their study very seriously .I encouraged them not to give up their quest for the good life they have always wanted and when they keep on working on their goals, they will make it. Any time I go to classes I hammer on these words continuously, perhaps Providence may allow one or two, a listening year, and so bring change to their lives and their village.

Bad  Roads  Networks  and No  Health Infrastructure


In the village, the first thing I noticed was one small health post with  three qualified nurses taking care of about 1,500 people of which the 6 surrounding villages combine to make this number. No doctor in sight. Any time there are complications, the patients will have to be carried off on a motor bike of about 100 kilometers to the regional capital. Many pregnant women die through this means. They road is rugged and very poor and untarred; no driver wants to go there for fear of their cars breaking down in the middle of the forest. These six surrounding villages have only one mini bus. If it’s full, then one will have to sit on top of the car.But the moment the top is full, then it means one will have to wait for the next day.The bus only passes ones a day and if one loses it, he has to wait for the next day. If its breaks down,then no one travels.Before leaving, a young lady died of complications because she couldn’t get a car very early enough to the the nearest health post. A lot of people die from simple disease that could have been easily cured .It was so sad. The villagers are so friendly and accepted us as their own. We lived among them and eat with them.The poverty there is ripped and naked. You have money but you can’t get simple food stuffs to buy. One lady I acquainted myself with told me she had never seen and even spent our highest denomination in the country in 25 years of her life and it will be about $20 .They are mainly subsistent farmers and the sad part is that they walk long distances of 5- 20 kilometers to their farms, work only an hour and trek back the same kilometers. Many complain that before they get to their farms they are tired and that they cannot do anything.I thought that as a country, food shortage is looming if this suffering will continue with this farmers.As individuals acquainted much with city life, during our stay we had to drive to the regional capital city and then buy food of our choice get some good reception and send emails and then post articles.

The  scene  that  sent  me  thinking


I had a shock of my life on the road.As we were living, we took a charted bus.On the road, I saw this middle aged woman with a girl of 10.She had waited a long time on the road side…searching for car to the hospital. Something beckoned us to pick them. We sat with her and I asked her where she was going but she refused to answer. I got angry. But as I was trying to force words out of the woman, I heard a sound, just like a whistle but that sound was so feeble a whistling sound. I turned back to see the direction of the noise and behold, the woman was the cause of the whistling. For she couldn’t talk but a tube had being placed through the lungs and so she could breathe through it. It was this breathing sound that I heard. She could not eat unless it was fed through syringes. She couldn’t talk. After I saw this, I was humbled and felt sad. Then I fell on my knees and raised my two hands and praised the universe for how grateful I’m.


This trip was an eye opener and a somber reflection on my part that I should never take things for granted for everything I have. And that all is not well with humanity and what I can do to help.




Be  Thankful  for  your  health

You are in the greatest countries in the world: USA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, RUSSIA, UK, CHINA, and many more, and you complain. Be thankful you are in these countries. I am an African, believe me when I say these countries are the greatest on earth. You have all kinds’ hospitals around you, even if it is not the best…at least you have seen a doctor who had taken care of you in the past. Some had never seen a doctor. Yet some struggle and dies with curable diseases. Be grateful for your health and don’t destroy it with alcohol, indiscriminate drug in take, smoking, too much food intake or too little. Be grateful to your health and  exercise more. Be grateful to your health and eat more healthy foods.Be grateful and don’t work in places that will later jeopardize your health. Be grateful to all .Anyone who is addicted to something is not being wise except reading and learning .Everything should be in moderation. You will never know how important your health is until you lose it.


Be  Grateful  For  YOUR  Education

It sometimes amusing when people complain of American system of education being bad, and I really ask myself, do these people really understand what they are talking about? You have education systems that have produced  billionaires and countless of millionaires, and you complain?These educational systems that you despise so much have produced the greatest minds in the history of mankind, and you complain, be thankful.

Be  Grateful  For  Easy  Communication  and  Transport

It will take others as far as three days to reach about a 50 kilometers journey. You  drive 120 kilometers for only 60 minutes or more and you complain, be grateful. You have reception 24/7,others will have to walk about 7- 20 kilometers before one can get a little reception, even that it will cut in the middle of a conversation never to return. In those days, I get so angry for when the reception goes off.

Be  Grateful  For  Your  Culture

In the village I had been, I have seen some cultures that are demining and takes away the right and dignity of the individual. It blocks people from emancipating themselves from the shackles of various cultures, the villagers have embroiled themselves in. Be grateful that your culture is a culture of free speech, freedom and justice, and you can be anything you want. Not so with some cultures, and that you cannot be anything you want ,in fact you will be stopped before that idea creeps into your modular oblongata.A ceiling is placed on you as to how far you can go.


Be  Grateful  For  Your  Loved  Ones

Not all men have their families around them. Some are in a war front. Some are dead, and some are no more with their spouses. If you have, make every effort to make them happy. Why am I calling for you to make them happy? By making them happy, it shows how grateful and thankful you are to them, that they are in your life .Be grateful to your fiancée and fiancé, for not everyone has one. For everything you’re not grateful for, you lose them.


Being grateful does not mean be content in your poverty, lazy ways or the little you have, and still think you have enough. But whilst you are being grateful for all the things you have, you still strive more to improve your lot and that of others. When everything is moving on in the right direction in our lives we should never forget where we came from.What we have gone through,how we have suffered in getting to where we are now, should make us very grateful.


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