Be Willing To Learn From The Lessons Of Life



                         Only the willing hearted will benefit from evils of the world

All ignorance is rooted in evil,and all the ills and pains that people put individuals through, are all as a result of ignorance. One should understand that nature created everything in double: evil and good; light and darkness; negative and positive; Coldness and hotness; Love and hate; Good and bad and many more. But how do you appreciate light when you have not experienced darkness before? How do you appreciate goodness when you have not experienced evil? How do you appreciate water if you have never gotten thirsty before? How do you appreciate the sun if you have never experienced cold environments? One must always learn the lessons of life of which evil and goodness bring. One must take the opportunity to learn the lessons of which darkness and light bring, so as to learn from the lessons it wants to make bare to us.

You must therefore go all out, and find out why a particular evil has been bedeviling you. Perhaps there must be lessons that must be learnt here. You must remain humble, patient with full of childhood curiosity so as to observe what nature through your suffering and ignorance trying to teach you.Nature is our best teacher. He teaches us so many things, just open your eyes and be a little bit more observational. Many a time, we lose sight of them, and so we go through trials and melancholic situations without life’s anchorage. What is life Anchorage:It is anything that gives you stability, and anything that protects you from greater risk.

All ills in our lives can be corrected. Only the willing hearted will benefit from evils of the world. If we are willing to learn from the lesson that nature presents to us, then we will be free from a lot of wants. If we don’t learn the lessons that nature presents to us, we will remain where we are till we are no more. If we fail to learn the lessons, more sorrows will follow us everywhere. But when we learn and understand what nature in tends to teach us, then we shall be called great among our peers, and be called wise among the councils of men.Because we won’t make any unnecessary mistakes that many had done in past.


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