Buddhism: What We Need To Know (A Brief History) ,Teachings and Its Lessons

Buddhism: What We Need To Know (A Brief History) ,Teachings and Its Lessons

Buddhism began in a region of northeast India, part of which is now the present day Nepal. The vast majority of the population practiced forms of Hindu tradition under the leadership of a strong Brahmin Priest hood. Ritual and belief centered largely on this worldly concerns such as managing weather to ensure good harvest and curing diseases. But some who has inherited this ancient tradition were beginning to question its efficacy. Buddhism began in the mid-sixth century BCE. The Kingdom of Koshala the area from its capital city of Shravasti(also known as Kapilavastu).There and elsewhere in the kingdom, individuals and small groups of religious seekers raised issues about possible life after death, including the notion of rebirth into other modes of existence.Within the Hindu tradition the new questioning gave rise to a new scripture called UPANISHADS.Some of these seekers parted company with the main stream Hindu tradition altogether and eventually developed into a whole new communities of belief and practice. One such communities is now called JAIN TRADITION.
The Buddhist tradition considers the ultimate truths within reach of any person willing to pay attention. The truth is not, as some have always believed, “out there.” It is right in front you and within yourself. “But dealing consistently with that kind of in-face-truth is difficult and demanding-and often lonely. Buddha told his followers to be LAMPS UNTO THEIR OWN FEET. But there will always be teachers and preachers, to remind the people of what Buddha had said.
According to Buddha, all religions and ethical teachings (Dharma) is like A RIFT. You use rift to get across a body of water. Once on the far shore, you will hardly choose to strap the rift to your back and trudge on under its bulky burden. Doctrine is a tool, temporary convenience, and not an end in it self. The problem of doctrine, he taught, can easily distract people from their goal. Key notion Siddhartha learned as a young Hindu included those of Karma (action), Dharma (law), Samsara (cycle or rebirth), and Moksha (final liberation).Buddhists call This teaching the middle path because it aims at balance, propriety, and equanimity. Eat what you need and use whatever is necessary for modest lifestyle of living, says the Buddha.
There are three major subdivision of the Buddhists TRADITION.1) The ravada(”wisdom of the elders”)This tradition of Buddhists predominate in SRILANKA and throughout most South East Asia with the exception of VIETNAM.The ravada alone has survived in numbers into modern times.2)Mahayana(“great vehicle”) predominate countries-KOREA,JAPAN and CHINA.3) Vajrayana (“Thunder bolt vehicle”)-They took hold of the region in countries such as TIBET, NEPAL, SIKKIM and BHUTAN. Buddhist almost agree, universally, that nothing in any religious doctrinal system leads to salvation. Buddhist teaching offers a number of more general guidelines for lay people. It recommends, for example, seeking adequate income, acquiring a professional skills, frugality, freedom from debt, and given generously to good causes.
Buddha insisted that none of the gods could rescue anyone from the human condition, so he taught that no demonic power was great enough to destroy anyone.

Lessons  To  Be  Learned  From  Buddhism

 -They Questioned False Tradition


Buddhism  shows us in  clear terms not to  accept anything from tradition because it from our forbears.But we must question certain traditions that are not serving us. We should not be afraid  to stand on our convictions, despite strong opposition. A dominant religion like Hindu at the time was not an easy task to take it on, like the way Buddha and his followers did. You should be courageous, be stubborn and stand by your convictions and your visions, no matter what.

-Ultimate  Truth  Reach  Those  Who  Are  Willing  To  Pay  Attention.


This world is full of information, revelations ,songs, new Ideas, inventions and opportunities. You only take full advantage, when you pay a little more attention to your environment  and things around you.All those who had done well in the field of  the sciences like Nicolaus Copernicus ,Galileo Galilei , Isaac Newton,Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein  and many more,all paid attention to their environment, and they made discoveries far beyond human comprehension in recent times.

-Religion  Should  be  A means  to  An  End  And  Not  An  End  Itself


It is appalling when people use God’s name for the destruction of lives and property.I sometimes wonder why God Almighty who wants to save us,preserve us,direct us, is the same God who now becomes the epitome of destruction,pain and confusion.Fanaticism and fundamentalism is destroying Islam AND Christianity.We can’t discuss this Topic without mentioning AlQaeda , Boko Haram ,AL-Shabaab etc causing massive destruction of the greatest magnitude in the name of a deity .Not talking of Catholics and Protestant rivalries in northern Ireland which has been there for decades.Hindu and Moslems are also having the same problem in India now.Buddha,is telling us that religion is just like a vehicle to transport us to where we want to go and not the destination.When we reach where we are going we leave it behind.

-Seeking  Adequate  Income

I think having an adequate income is an individual preference.How much I will like to rake in as my income annually may either be too huge for someone or too small.So each and everyone should seek what is best for himself.Come what may,Buddha is admonishing us to make enough money to last for a life time.This kind of a goal or benefit, demands a lot of hard work,discipline and ability to take risk.

-Acquiring  Professional  Skills


Not acquiring any skills diminishes or destroys your natural abilities  to contribute more to society.If you don’t have one, try go to college and quickly have a profession or you can start doing something that will put you to work.You don’t need to only go to college before you can acquire some skillful profession but engaging in an  apprenticeship programme is also another  way .Having a profession gives you some fulfillment and importantly, the most natural way to live your life in comfort and stay fulfilled .



Frugality means delaying gratification for future enjoyment.It is a shame for one to get money and spends it as soon as he gets it.You should save, no matter how small your salary is .At least ten percent will do for a starting, every month.Don’t say because your salary is small so you wont save.The Buddha is advising us to save for a raining day.

-Freedom From  Debt


Anybody who is in debt has no peace of mind.You should never be in debt in any form.Some debts are necessary especially when doing business, but pay as soon as the  business is done.Sometimes you may not have all the money to do the kind of business you want,if you do your home work very well, some business partners may give you some credit facility so you can grow your business.If this happens, never betray their faith  in you, by failing to fulfill your part of the bargaining.

-Generosity  For  Good  Causes


I like this statement of giving only for good causes and nothing else.So if your giving is enhancing   terrorism some where in some far off country, you have to put a stop to it immediately,is not a good cause.And also remember,don’t give your all, foolishly like the way many had done, so you won’t  land yourself into poverty.

Infinity thinkers website is a website for all people. I will not discriminate against any religion,creed or color. I will criticize,When the need be.On this platform,we will learn about all the religions of the world, and the good lessons that could be learnt from them.I’m a christian, but I think we have a lot to learn from Buddhism.Never hate any religion just because you don’t understand their modus operandi.Try get close,  and learn from them, and  you will be glad you did.


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