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  • Take The Risk And Start Your Own Business

       It is better to live a jobless life and have a peace of mind than to be a CEO  of a  fortune 500 company with full of fear and anxiety. If you don’t own the job you are doing now, then you’re an outsider. You must stop being a Slave to Someone in the […]

  • If You Want To Make A Mark In This World,Build Your Personal Power

    When people follow you willingly, then you have developed your personal power   Great men have occupied great positions of power and might since time immemorial. Many did great deeds and to some, there was nothing to write home about. Some good leaders and not so good ones were brought down from power to nothing […]

  • How To Reduce Stress In Your Own Small Way

         Just work on the now, and let the future speak Stress is necessary part of life. Little stress is good for living but too much stress can kill you.I have seen countless of people who had gotten diseases including  heart attack,just because they could not control their stress.You can’t do away with  stress but […]


    One of the greatest problems of human resource management and recruitment is finding the right professionals with right training to fill in vacant positions. Just recently in the US, most employers were complaining of not finding enough professionals to fill in  vacant positions. Not only are American employers complaining but in Africa too, there are […]

  • The Greatest Success Secret The Rich Don’t Want You To Know

                                                     Your success reflects you   One thing  I have observed about success is that success is fluid and it takes on the character of its owners.Your success reflects you.It depicts what […]


    It is always stressful when you find yourself under a very difficult boss who will not give you the breathing space to operate fully at your maximum capacity, whilst at work and out of work. When I say “out of work” I mean, he wants to control the very detail of your life. A few […]