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  • How To Avoid the Fear of Death

    The thought of dying sends a lot of chills through the spines of many. Many people often wonder what will happen to them after death. Some have been told when they do good, they will go to paradise, walking on the street of gold. I wonder what benefit will it be if you only walk on the street of gold if you can’t even scrape a […]

  • The top 22 rules of life

    These are simple but secret fundamental rules of life that can dramatically change your life if you follow them. Just commit these words into your heart, and see how your life changes. 1. You must always endeavor to inspire generations, and not to conspire against it. 2. Man is weak, and so you don’t know when he […]

  • How To Live a Problem Free Life This Year

      We all have been fighting with something  in the pasts years and this year too will be no different.To Some their problem is addiction.And to some, certain behaviours that they wished gone and had become like chronic disease that isn’t going. You will have to find away to defeat this problem so you can […]

  • Obama’s Legacy Under Siege

        As Mr.Trump’s cabinet  takes shape,there are fears that he will implement all his promises to the end. President  Obama is said to have told black voters in one of his  campaign trail for  Hillary Clinton that  if they dont come out to vote, and Mr. Trump wins, it would be  an insult to […]

  • Why Is The World So Confused About Mr. Donald J. Trump’s Victory

      The media was blinded by the fact that they did not want Mr.Trump elected, and refused to envisage the possibility of Mr.Trump’s Presidency.   Mr. Trump’s victory  came as a shock to many.Many did not believe that Mr.Trump would ever be the President of the United States, and so the world did not prepare […]

  • Protect Your Dreams and it Will Make You

                     The future belongs to the dreamers   We all have visions and goals that we cherished so much that we might like that they become a reality. But most of us have placed those goals under lock and key waiting for some gene somewhere to pop to […]

  • 22 Things You Should Know Before Age 30 (Part 1)

       At age 30, the experiments are over, you must get down to work. The most serious years of our lives are the years before age 30.All what you will become and all what you will be, is as a result of these years. In moral or intellectual wise, one will have to make good […]

  • Hope for Pornographic Addicts: 10 Stages To Free Yourself And Get Your Life Back

     You got yourself into this mess, and you are the only person that can deliver yourself from this shit you have gotten yourself into. Only few  people do not know they are addicted, and Thankfully,the  greater number of people involve know they are addicted, and some want a solution to it.But to those who do […]

  • Common Attitudes That Will Ruin Your Life

      It  is  better  to  have  nothing  to  eat  and  have  your  peace  of  mind,  than have  enough  to  eat  and  have  no  peace  of  mind. There are so many attitudes we acquire consciously or unconsciously  that tend to destroy  us when we lose guard.Did I say “When we lose guard”, well,because there are some […]

  • The Focused Mentality: How To Remain Focused for Life

      A focused life is a purposeful life During the medieval ages Alexander, the great, decided to attack the British Isles so as to consolidate his power over the entire known world as the conqueror and the emperor. Knowing too well how great warriors are the Britannia’s, and how dangerous they could be to his […]