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  • Be Grateful-Not Everybody Has What You Have

          For everything you’re not grateful for, you lose them.   I spent one month and a week in the far off  typical village in the country side. I have this simple maxim that “every year, go to some where you have never being. “ So I took this maxim seriously and traveled. […]

  • No Room for Discouragement

      One of the most dangerous setbacks for many men of ambition is discouragement. Some discouragements emanate from ourselves and with the others, from outside ourselves. But come what may, we should never leave  room for discouragement to ruin us. But the gist of the matter is that, at one point in time in your […]

  • 22 Two Things You should Know Before Age 30(Part 2)

                         For this reason I say to you read good books and it will make your   life better   We are continuing  with the second part of this rendition.I want you take these point seriously.Many had gone past these precepts and had ruin their lives.I […]

  • You Are The Next Big Thing The World Will Want See, Prepare For It

    For all you know, if you will be a little bit wiser and take risk and dare more, you will employ your employer one day   No one knows the future. We can only determine it by our share goals and visions.And hoping that these visions and goals will materialised. Most great leaders and great […]

  • If You Get Wrong With This You Are Done With Life

      Woe unto any man  when he is in trouble and will have no one to motivate him and to spur him on. If you will observe life  very carefully,it seems some people get so much broken and even commit suicide when they encounter some resistance along the way to their success.Whilst others will go […]


      True success lies in finding your talents and abilities,working on it and managing the  success that comes with it without allowing it trappings to dissuade you from your original goal. Do you know why  within the last hundred years, humans have made so much progress beyond every generation expectations that preceded it?In the past, […]

  • Why Successful People Do Not Make New Year Resolutions

    Great men do not have new year resolutions they have programmes that they run, and in turns runs them. It  is not so surprising when you see or hear so many people promising themselves to a great change during the beginning of every new year.It is common and glaring to all of us, because they […]

  • Norman Vincent Peal-The Preacher Man Who Changed The World With His Positive Thinking Philosophy

    Norman Vincent Peale was born on May 31, 1898, in Bowers Ville, Ohio, the first child of Charles and Anna Peale. Charles was a Methodist minister who served a variety of churches in Ohio, and before long Norman, too, began to consider ministry as his vocation. When he was a boy, one of his teachers […]

  • Use It Or Lose It :Why The Greatest Tragedy On Earth Is To Die Without Using Your Talent

    If you die without using your talents, you rob your generation, and generations on unborn the opportunity of comfortability. Who we are and what we can do, can’t be doubted in any way.The human RACE is so unique and a problem solver in the scheme of life, and of our human existence than any other […]


    Our greatest lack is not money for any undertaking, but rather ideas, If the ideas are good, cash will somehow flow to where it is needed-Robert H. Schuller   Everything you see here and now was once an idea: the cars, the aeroplanes, huge planned Cities including the city of New York, Brasilia, Johannesburg etc. […]