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  • How To Change Your Life For Ever With The Dovian lifestyle

      This   principle will not change over time   Most humans are so wicked and have no sympathy for anyone but only for themselves. No  matter how hard you try in pleasing them,they will never be grateful.Greediness has taken greater part of them and they will do everything possible to hurt you so long […]

  • How To Attain True Freedom

                  True freedom is not external,it is that one.    Many great men and kingdoms came with all kinds of tantalizing hopes to give men freedom but all was a farce. And it has even compounded men problems the more. Men started looking for some unconventional sources for […]

  • Do You Want To Achieve Immortality, Read This……

                You have immeasurable powers that can bring you to a level of genius status if you will try Some people reached a stage and all they think  of is to immortalize their names in human history. Dying and being forgotten is something they don’t want to be part of. […]

  • The Will To Live

      Providence should be your motivation to live, and not anything else. A few years back, I visited my grand mum on her death bed in a hospital gasping for air to live. She was old and feeble, and had seen life in totality. In her few years to live, she never mentioned death, and […]

  • The Path Of a Genius Is a Lonely One Indeed But A fulfilled One

    If I will become eyes to the blind,feet to the lame,voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, and that will make me lonely in the end, I opt for it. I have read so many great books on great men, stemming from great political leaders to inventors. And  I have noticed a trend […]

  • How To Start The Year On A Good Note

        Goals are good when they are VIBRANT and REALISTIC. Many individuals have been bogged down by their past failures, with which when every New Year approaches, fear and trepidation set in. They really do not know what to do again. They have tried and tried but to no avail. They see themselves as […]

  • Have You Consider This Lately, Why You Are On This Earth For

                         If your parent did not plan for your coming, God planned it, and that is all what matters Have you ever sat down quietly of late, and asked yourself this candid question about why you are here on earth or why God created you? Probably […]

  • How To Deal With Distructive Offenses

                Offenses can ruin your life,if you don’t handle it with maturity.   No matter what, and so long as you live with people, you will either offend someone or they will offend you.When men live together in one place, so many hurts, bickering and backstabbing take place.When one lives […]

  • 22 Two Things You should Know Before Age 30(Part 3)

                                  Forgiveness is a virtue, practice it. Dear friends,this is the last episode of our journey  before and beyond age 30.Learn all you can and be the better person you have always wanted to be. Learn to Give   It is […]

  •    Be Willing To Learn From The Lessons Of Life

                                 Only the willing hearted will benefit from evils of the world All ignorance is rooted in evil,and all the ills and pains that people put individuals through, are all as a result of ignorance. One should understand that nature created everything in double: evil and good; light and darkness; negative and positive; […]