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  • Without Practice You Are Doomed To Mediocrity

             We can never amount to much without practice Have you ever wondered why after many practice of doing a particular activity, tends to make you love it and therefore becomes even more fun? Notwithstanding, some people have natural talents for certain activities. For instance, more athletic PERSONS excel at new sports, because they […]

  • Know Your Worth And Get What You Deserve

      There is no bitter person than someone who is being paid less than he deserves. Anytime I interview candidates and asked them to tell me how much they think  their worth is. They say all kinds of things that gives me the impression that they do not really know how much worth they’re. You […]

  • How To Find Your Dream Job

        Work harder on yourself than you do on your job- Jim Rohn Sharing applications from one company to another is no longer working.Employers are getting tired of handling huge applications that flows in, when they put in an offer for jobs.How can you be seen and be employed when you and other thirty […]

  • Interview Tips That Will Make You Win Your Dream Job

      One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” –Arthur Ash Only few jobs are won without going through hectic interviews.Apart from that, every job you seek, you must go through either mild or rigorous interviews.Which is why you should do any thing within your powers to learn the […]

  • Common Mistakes You Make on Your C.v That May Cost You the Job.

    Have you ever wondered why your CV is not making waves, and rejected here and there, by companies?You send so many C.V’s out but you don’t get called, let alone get an interview. I have noticed few mistakes people make on their CV’s.So take note and correct them before it cost you more damage than […]