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  • What Makes You a good Target For A narcissist

      Narcissists love to scout for new supplies even when the current supply is doing well. They are everywhere. You can find them on social media, parties, funerals and everywhere their targets are available. They scavenge and scout everywhere and even from afar to find a very good supply for their upkeep. In a situation where the […]

  • Finding Courage To Love Again

       Finding the courage to love again means you have mastered the pain of the past. On the path leading to great love or successful living is littered with all kinds of falsehood, betrayal, hate, and disappointments. Meaning, everybody that has gone through hurt for the sake of love, and is able to find the […]

  • The Signs That You Are Dating A dangerous Narcissist

                The more you love the narcissist the more they hate you. Dating a narcissist is very dangerous. This type of relationship is very dangerous. It is dangerous because it will eventually destroy you. It will destroy your peace of mind. It destroys your emotional health. It makes you doubt your sanity and even wonder whether you alright. […]

  • Reasons Why Love Is Not Enough To Make  Relationships Work

    What really makes relationship stronger and sustainable is respect, honesty, truthfulness,win- win,understanding each other etc.   We sometimes delude ourselves  in the common believe that love alone can save or make our relationships work, but that is a pure lie. Perhaps we got all these dangerous ideas from  the movies.It portrays that the moment you have […]

  • Reasons Why Courtship is More Important than Marriage

    Every marriage that is experiencing problems now  can all be traced back to its courtship stage.   When I was young and immature,anytime I hear someone is seeking to divorce his partner, the question I ask myself then was that what at all that these two adult individuals cannot solve that they allow their relationships […]

  • How To Make A long Distance Relationship Work

      Long distance relationship is hard work, I must tell you   Many relationships are in shambles and in taters because it is just being operated in a long distance form. To be honest with you, long distance relationships are painful and very hard to engage in if one is not ready to be patient […]

  • The 5 surest ways To Know You Have Found Your Love 

         If all men will listen to their intuitions, in the choice of their marriages, they will never make any mistakes Many individuals going to the altar get worried,  and wonder whether they are making the right choices; choices that will liberate them and make them happy someday. For when they think of committing […]

  • The Signs That You Are Not Meant To Get Married

      Some dudes are simply not meant to get married- their characters can’t simply support any good relationship.  We have so many marriages breaking up here and there destroying lives especially children. Research has shown that when marriages break up both couples are seriously affected, and then the children are very much affected too. Many […]

  • Commitment Is Everything

      You can’t live a successful life, if you are not ready to commit to something   A woman came to me for an advice about her relationship with her man. She said” I have married my husband for the past 5 years, I think I no longer love him.” I smiled a little but […]

  • The signs He is A good Guy

      Ladies listen, whenever a man begins to reveal his inner most weaknesses to you, marry him. There are many reasons why people enter into a fresh relationship and they tend to waver. Many had been hurt so badly that their next relationship becomes a tug of war. They tend think that what happened to […]