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  • The Search For Life Outside Our Planet: Why We May Never Find Aliens In Human History

    I have written ignorantly in the past about Aliens and Africans citing some over the years without knowing what it is. And why Africans seemed to have been missing in the action of Alien citing as compared to in the USA and elsewhere, where a lot of people have claimed of citing Aliens in large […]

  • Why Time Travel Will Never Be Possible

    Time travel IS possible – but only if you want to go to the future and not come back-Professor Brian Cox   The reasons of many from the past and present are dreaming of  time travel, is to go into the future and into the past to get information, and knowledge that have eluded us […]


      let assume we want to build a spacecraft using today’s technology, how long would it take to reach the nearest star? The closest star to Earth, besides our Sun, is Alpha Centauri, and it is actually a star system rather than just a single star. This is because Alpha Centauri has at least three […]