Coincidences Of Life: The Irrefutable Laws of The Universe That Determines Our Lives Direction.

Coincidences Of Life: The Irrefutable Laws of The Universe That Determines Our Lives Direction.

In Jewish history there are no coincidences-Elie Wiesel

Coincidences of life, do they exist? Sometimes you seem baffled and surprised, when you look back at your life and all what you had gone through.When situation looks so hopeless and bad, but one way or the other you survived.You didn’t know how it happened but you came out unscathed.About a year ago,if you could remember, you were standing by the road side where your car got broke down in the middle of nowhere. You were just confused and waiting for a taxi, and from nowhere, a car approached you, stopped and picked you. You had a chat with him on the way, you exchanged some pleasantries and numbers, and later you became a husband and a wife. You have been locking your gate every evening before you go to bed but there was a time you forgot and you got robbed. You’re currently grappling with some failed exams papers, you don’t know what to do and you’re confused,though you think you’ve been robbed or the lecture hate you. You are always honest in relationship but you always get cheated. You are a good man but you always choose wrong women.A few years back, you were poor as a church mouse, now you are living in a pool of riches .You were beaming with good health a few months back, now your body is riddled with cancer and you’re just thinking of giving up.Look at all these incidences we have to contend with, are these a mere chain of coincidences or are they carefully planned by the invisible laws of the universe , which some call fate? What are its modus operandi? Can we change and escape our fate? Or are there some situations or events that we must face no matter what?As the saying goes, the answers are begging the questions.In this rendition I will try and explain these philosophical questions to our satisfaction. Many have wreaked their lives upon following some of these philosophies blindly. What I do know, and my observation about this life, is that few of these universal laws discovered, and those we know exist works without fail, and it works throughout our lives no matter what.

Let us look at some these revelations of the universe, and to observe whether these events and happenings that we experience in our lives are coincidences or fate:



The law of the farm states that any idea or vision, when not protected will be shot down by the enemy.Every nation, company or even an individual that has become great, owns it greatness to the ability to keep secrets. The moment their secrets are in the open they become vulnerable to the enemy. That is why America will do anything possible to get Edward Snowdon or Assange to stand trial. Nations, companies, individuals will pay huge sums for an enemy or  a competitor’s secret. Your secret is your weapon. In our NORMAL cultivation of crops, the farmer starts by finding out whether the soil that he intends of growing that crops on, is suitable. After that, the land is ridded of all unwanted plants and prepared to receive the seeds. When the seeds start sprouting, number one concerns of the farmer will be of how he protects these young plants from the common enemy(pests,disease,environmental factors and weeds). He hires laborers to work all day to make sure that the plants are protected and nourished.He hires a watchman so he can keep a watchful eye on all intruders, and he buys chemicals and spray them on at the plants at certain stage of the plant’s life. All these activities are done so that these precious plants can be protected from its common enemy. That how you should also treat your life and behave. Not everyone likes you, they may eat with you, they may smile with you, but within them they wish you are no more. Since you don’t  know their hearts and minds, you should always be on your guard  and keep your mouth shut. When you have friends who consistently put you down,and brush your ideas aside,and they tell you that those ideas can’t be achieved or is too weird ;stay away from them, they are your enemies.Some dudes are too talkative that you stay with them for some twenty minutes and you know everything about them;their plans and the goals for the future. They will tell you everything about their problems and everything about their private lives, they are in fact an open book which can be read in a few minutes without probing and prodding.If you are one, please learn to keep your mouth shut and keep your secret in your head.Those you’re telling your secrets to are tired of you because YOU no longer HAVE a secret to TELL.These things you tell them are tools in their hands that can be used against you. For every idea or vision you have is your secret and is your competitive advantage for a successful living, guard it with your life. Every idea goes through three stages, notably: conception stage, preparation stage and the launching stage.In his Hinge of Fate,Winston Churchill said they won the second world war by keeping secrets from their enemies and even friends, because they don’t know who might betray them.You might have lost something valuable in the past or have created bitter enemies for yourself just because you can’t keep quite.Be some one who is a closed system.According to psychologists,the more you talk about what you want to do,you’re only giving the brain signals that you have already achieved that feat.That is why you seem to be energized in the beginning of every projects but you lose steam when you’re in the middle of it or when you’re about to finish.All your projects then seem uninteresting,so you give up.



This law states that anything you don’t use atrophies or becomes rusty. Every talents, ideas or knowledge you have and don’t put to use, you lose its value. The more you use these talents, the sharper it becomes. Go into the lives of various of athletes, great talkers and professionals and you will realize that they practice several hours a day so they can use their talents effectively.A top sociologist claims that you must spend 10,000 hours honing your skills if you want to be a success at anything. Academic Malcolm Gladwell,whose books have become required reading within the conservative party,says you need to put in this time over a decade to get to the top of your chosen field. He backed his assertion by citing sports stars such as Boris Becker,Jonny Wilkinson,Tiger woods and the Venus sisters,who have all become world champions because of the obsessive devotion they have shown to their game since childhood. Mr.Gladwell says that if you examine the greatest athletes,entrepreneurs,musicians and scientist you will notice they only emerged after spending at least three hours a day for ten years practicing.It said that the most richest place on earth is the cemetery.Because it is there that you will see ideas that never came to pass,visions that went blurred,opportunity that was never taken,regrets that has no endings,schools that couldn’t be built,fighter jets that went down the drain,medicines that could have saved humanity which never came to light,children of healthy linage that were never born. All because somebody somewhere discouraged them or they allowed frustration to take better part of them or they couldn’t find the proper niche or they were just lazy to practice, and to put their talent to work.You have the opportunity of you been a live and reading this now.Find out what you like doing  best,the profession you love to join, and work assiduously to put these talents to use, and all the money and wealth you want will follow you.



The law of momentum states that anything you don’t stop from the beginning takes root. Let us look at the example of an aeroplane and its dynamics. When an aeroplane is about to fly, it moves slowly and even a common ‘child’ can stop it from moving. When it is moving slowly,if you do not have the slightest idea how planes operates, you may think the plane might be ‘playing,’but its slowness is causing the plane to gather strength.After it had gathered  strength enough, and about to take off and you try stopping it,could get you killed.The force of which it’s moving is so great that it will clear everything on its way. The law of momentum is everywhere in life, in physics, with your body, and most importantly, with your thoughts.Imagine your mind like a giant overflowing lake that’s just waiting for an outlet to pour into… Slowly, when it finds an outlet, it begins with a trickle of water. That trickle turns into a stream. Then, that stream turns into a small river. Pretty soon, the small river is a giant unstoppable waterfall.That is why terrorist organizations like Boko haram,al queda ,al shabaab etc  have caused so much harm  around the world because, when such organizations were in their budding stage,they were left on their own until they grew into these forces.So is your individual life.If you detect certain characters and behaviors in your life or that will not serve you now or the future,root it out before it takes root.Do it  very early and quickly before it becomes ‘cancerous’ which will later threaten your very existence.



The law of history states that history always repeats itself.So your job is to see to it that only the good ones repeats themselves and by you blocking the unfavorable ones from coming back to life. Forget history and you are doomed forever.Winston Churchill knew this and he advised the then British government to be weary of the newly formed nationalist government which was been headed by Adolf Hitler. That Hitler was preparing for war, and the British government refused to adhere to the warnings. When the 2nd world war broke out, the British Empire was virtually unprepared and really cost them the empire. Just because they forgot to learn from history that the Germans are war mongers and if you treat them badly they will comeback at you. As in the case of Versailles treaty, which was forced into the throat of Germans to pay all the cost of the war in world war I. President Obama knew very well the law of history and he accused President Vladimir Putin of Russia for trying slip back into ‘cold war mentality’ over Snowden’s betrayal.So you will have yourself to be blamed if you see certain tendencies of the past which are unfavorable, which are showing signals of coming to life, and you did nothing to prevent it.Every winner and successful man is a student of history. I will tell you this: learn from history, for that is where your deliverance and redemption will come from.



It states that he who does not give destroys himself.This life is a life of symbioticism .Life is an act of giving.Let us look at these great religious founders like our Lord Jesus,The prophet Mohammed, The Buddha and so many more.They become immortals because they gave their all.They gave, and gave,and they had nothing left.Any purposeful life is a life of giving.You see celebrities like Madonna,Bill gates and so forth have charity organizations that contribute to society’s betterment.They do all these not because they have enough and don’t know what to use their monies for.But to prevent themselves from being destroyed by the universe.The universe abhors hoarding.If you hoard you will attract destruction.New studies attest to the benefits of giving—not just for the recipients but for the givers’,health and happiness, and for the strength of entire communities.I want you to make this observation and you will realize that people who are very wicked do not give.A new research has popped up that rich men are now finding happiness by giving part of their wealth to the needy.



This law states that Anything you have in your life and you are not grateful for, you will lose it.We should be grateful for the gifts of life.We should be thankful for the good health we have.Be thankful for your wife,children,jobs,friends,even our ability to read.We should be thankful for countries we reside in,for not everybody has what you have.Someone right  now, is fighting for his life.Someone has lost his job,someone has committed a suicide just because of a threatened divorce or because of a chronic illness.Be grateful and you will have in abundance of things you are grateful for.If you’re grateful for your health, you wont do anything that will compromise your health.If you’re grateful for the family you have, you won’t hurt them.If you’re you are grateful for the wealth you have,you wont do anything to lose it.If you’re grateful for your profession and your job,you wont do anything that will  jeopardize it.If you’re grateful for the woman or man in your life you, wont hurt them.



This law states that anything we don’t give up on, we acquire it.This rule depends on your patients and your emotional stamina and how badly you want it.I’m of the strong belief that the reasons why we don’t get what we desire is that we don’t want it badly enough.Adolf Hitler knew this law when he said:”No one can last forever.We can’t,the other side can’t.It’s merely a question of who can stand it any longer.The one who must hold on any longer is the one who got everything at stake”.You can’t achieve anything successful if you are not ready to persevere.



The law of reality states that those who are observant enough , will see life’s mysteries and it’s special moments . It was this same law that made Isaac newton recognized the apple fallen from the tree and saw what it was, and yet millions of people seeing the apple fallen and didn’t see anything pertaining to it. These moments are very special moments that makes you experience things beyond the physical. Is just like being in the state of Alpha Thinking. Alpha Thinking is a technique that involves learning to reach a dreamlike state at will, while maintaining conscious direction over your thoughts. People who have mastered this were able to remember things in far greater detail.This law makes genius  out of nothing.For you to experience this reality you must been in tune with the ETHER,where all knowledge and wisdom are stored for humanity.You can reach this state of reality by much learning, coupled with your passion,extreme observation, and your dedication to a particular cause.People in such mood are seen us going a little mad. Galileo Galilei,Copernicus and all the avatars, the great religious leaders, all used the law of reality.They saw things we couldn’t see and heard things we couldn’t hear.The masses will never get this far because they’re afraid of asserting themselves and the price and the sacrifices they have to pay is too much for them.So the crowd will never attain this path.


Every thing we do in this life  has it own consequences and they are not fate induced, but our own doings.You can’t get anything out of nothing.You will have to work for your own good.There is nothing called luck.Winners,thinkers and successful  people do not have luck mentality.They know that the only way to be what you want to be, is to adhere to these UNIVERSAL principles,which demands hard-work and SACRIFICE.Religious people call luck BLESSINGS,the lazy sheeple calls it FATE,I call it CREATIVITY AND INGENUITY.



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