Commitment Is Everything


You can’t live a successful life, if you are not ready to commit to something


A woman came to me for an advice about her relationship with her man. She said” I have married my husband for the past 5 years, I think I no longer love him.” I smiled a little but I took the matter very seriously because it’s a marriage issue we are talking about here. I beckoned her to sit down, and then asked her to listen to me carefully.I told her, “the only thing that can save your marriage now is to be continuously committed, and the love will come again naturally. Especially when your husband has not committed any notable blunders or some mischief during these years”. She took my advice, went home and got committed, and guess what the love came back.

All great men are committed to something.They got committed to something that frees them or makes them happy.Albert Einstein got committed to the sciences and guess what he got for mankind, general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. Abraham Lincoln, got committed to the idea of a unified United States and he got it. Churchill got the idea of winning the war against the axis in other to set a new world order and he had it. You can’t live a successful life, if you are not ready to commit to something.Don’t ever think you will ever get anywhere in life, if you will approach this life with a lackadaisical attitude , no passion, and with no commitment.Just strolling around in this world until death takes you.Those who refuse to be committed to anything will live their lives in obscurity. Nobody will hear of them, they shall die in silent and buried in silent.My friend, dare to be committed, make something for yourself.Contribute something to humanity before you leave this terrestrial ball. Let your commitment show to all, what you have contributed. Look at those who are not doing too well in society in terms of health, wealth, and relationship, and you will notice one thing, they have are no commitment at all. Their world view is full of fatalistic  ideologies. They live their lives anyhow, as if they are waiting for something to happen to them. Life is not something to be waited for, it is something daring. You must dare and this daring is the commitment to achieving something worthwhile. Good writers are committed to writing and reading.Good singers are committed practicing.Good sportsmen are committed to their sports.You got be committed to something if you want to get anything out of it.


If you are in a relationship get committed in making it work. If you are schooling get committed to learning and studying. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, get committed in seeking the deeper things of God. If you are working, get committed to the work for if you don’t get promoted you might have acquired new skills for a better job tomorrow.Get committed to the needs of your spouse and you will bring peace in your home. For out of these commitments great things happen.


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