Common Attitudes That Will Ruin Your Life


It  is  better  to  have  nothing  to  eat  and  have  your  peace  of  mind,  than have  enough  to  eat  and  have  no  peace  of  mind.

There are so many attitudes we acquire consciously or unconsciously  that tend to destroy  us when we lose guard.Did I say “When we lose guard”, well,because there are some damaging attitudes we have that can be managed from causing more harm to us when we are watchful. I have studied these major attitudes that are likely to derail you if you are not on the watch.They craw slowly  into your life without you noticing it, and that even make these attitudes dangerous the more.I want you to take these points very seriously, and don’t allow your eyes to go to sleep on them,until you are free from them.




All addictions are not good. Addiction simply means being hooked onto something. Something you can’t function without. Addiction in any of these such as Alcohol, food, porn, sex, drug etc. can ruin your life forever. Avoid these before it ruins you.




Laziness has ruin a lot of talented people, and people with great potentials. You can’t be all you want to become, if you are lazy. Nothing good will ever come to the Lazy man. You can’t be lazy and have a success in anything you do. In this life of ours, for you to get anything worthwhile, you must work very hard at them.The watch word here is Work, work ,and work until you have nothing left to work for.




You are always borrowing. The least chance you get, you borrow. And now you have borrowed so much that you are in huge debt. The banks are at your neck threatening to sell your house to get their money back. Let me tell you this fact, Peace of mind always elude people saddled with debt, and it eventually ruins them. You can’t be in debt and still have your peace of mind, no it doesn’t happen that way. You must do everything possible to free yourself from this quagmire. You must pay all your debts before you can be psychologically and socially   free .I have seen many people committing suicide because of their debt mounting; a debt  too much that they have no place to turn to. But with you that must not happen. If you are not in one, don’t try getting yourself into one. Stay at bay. It is better to have nothing to eat and have your peace of mind, than have enough to eat and have no peace of mind.



I have seen many a man  of whom their impatience have led them into serious problems. They did not wait for the right time; did certain immature decisions, went ahead and ruined their carriers. They wanted to prove themselves when the time was not due. For example, if you don’t take your time  to develop your talent to the fullest and be patient enough, you will shine for some brief period and not be heard again.You will be called the half baked man.Half baked men,half baked leaders and half baked musicians are the causes of all the problems in the world now. Because their impatience will not allow them to be fully baked.


Inadequate  Reading:


The masses think that the moment you’re done with school, it means all reading must cease. But that should not be the case because after school that is when the real learning starts. You destroy yourself when you don’t read. I mean taking personal development seriously. Everyone who reads is free, and cannot be a slave to anything. Inadequate reading has sent many men into poverty,and into their own graves. Research has shown that if you will read 2 hours per a day on a particular subject for five years, you will become an expert in that field.The average person read one book per year.If you read one book every week for ten years, you can’t imagine the kind things you can do with this huge knowledge at your disposal.


Reading bad books:


I was discussing an issue with a long lost friend, upon hearing me for some hours. He realizes that I have changed drastically in terms of my views about the world and the church. He asked me what books am I reading of late, I smiled. You see, books changes your outlook about life and it changes your actions. One book reading can damage you forever. So you must watch what you read. What you read must be beneficial to mankind and yourself, not making you useless.Past leaders like Adolf Hitler,Churchill,Mao Zedong,Joe Stalin of Russia, were all influenced by books.

Wrongly Accused:


To be wrongly accused and not have anyone to defend you can really ruin you forever. There have been a lot of situation where mostly ,the accused made certain mistakes, which later led him into such situation.Many are serving sentences they ought not to serve .You must do anything possible to avoid this. If you’re in an environment where you begin to suspect some suspicious activities going on, you must either have to leave that place immediately or report your suspicion to the police. Also you must avoid friends who have demonstrated repeatedly that they can betray you to save their skin. If you have issues in relation to some suspicious characters, inform the police immediately.


Insidious Envy:


Envy is a disease and therefore not cured by a mere ‘aspirin’. People with envy cannot be pleased. So stop trying to please them. Not all men will love you, and therefore you will have to get this right. Any time someone shows a little envy about something good that has happened to you, don’t take it for granted.You must be careful not to lose your guard, and therefore should give you a signal to stay far away from them. Many a man had taken these threat for granted, and it has ruin their various ambitions and even caused to their own deaths.

Not Dressing Well:


You will be addressed are according to your dressing. Can’t you see people who dresses well are respected, even when they have nothing to show for it? People love well-dressed people, they are accorded with respect when they are nowhere near it.Even people who dresses well with evil intentions, are likely to be mistaken as  good persons, ignoring all signs. You ruin your life when you don’t dress well. People talk to you anyhow, and it can even cost you your job or some opportunity.

Taking life for Granted:


In as much as I believe life is good, and therefore must be enjoyed, one ruins his life by takings things for granted. If your parents are well to do and think that life we will always be rosy for you, then you must be joking. Or probably things are moving on with you so well that everything you touch becomes gold, and you think things will always be like that, then you will one day wake up with a rude shock that all these wealth are gone .You must always prepare for eventualities, and be grateful for the things you have.


Lack of faith in life:


Probably you have lost faith in God because something evil happened to you, and you questioned God and your existence, and now you have lost faith in yourself. Not having enough faith in life has ruined many.Some  have gone ahead to commit suicide and have commit unpardonable crimes of various degrees because they have nothing to live for. Some even threw caution to the wind, and decided to be careless about life,just like a fatalistic living.That must not happen to you. You are here on earth for a purpose, find that purpose and live it.




Unforgiving brings forth Bitterness .The highest love you can show to yourself, is an act of forgiveness. Someone has hurt you so much that you have vowed to retaliate. Many had done that with anger and had led them into murdering someone, and had done other unpardonable crimes, and are now in jail or on death rolls. You must forgive as soon as you’re hurt. But mind you, you don’t create the environment for the other person to hurt you again.


You will be fine,when you meditate on all these points,and then put them to work.I want you to understand that I love you all, but God loves you much more.I will do everything possible to give you the best information and knowledge  that will improve your life the more…Thank you.



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