Common Mistakes You Make on Your C.v That May Cost You the Job.

Have you ever wondered why your CV is not making waves, and rejected here and there, by companies?You send so many C.V’s out but you don’t get called, let alone get an interview.
I have noticed few mistakes people make on their CV’s.So take note and correct them before it cost you more damage than it had done in the past. Those of you who are yet to do your CV’s, try and avoid these pitfalls.
Check these points out:

Designs and the background of the C.V’s


I really don’t know where this  idea came from,but it seems people want to impress employers so they can land a job.People try using all kinds of tactics and strategies for them to catch the attention of the employer.Instead of these tactics and strategies aiding them to get a job, it rather becomes a stumbling block.Some cv’s are done with all kinds designs and even coloring the background.Some colors and design scan be very offensive to the employer.Since you don’t know which designs or coloring of background can be offensive,I void it.



C.V’s prepared with pictures on it, opens you up with the employer discriminating against you. The reasons are that you might not be photogenic and so the moment employers see’s your picture and he doesn’t like the picture,straight away he rejects you without knowing the real you.Sometimes too you might be photogenic and when the employer see’s you in person he might wonder whether its you.This may affect you negatively of you landing a job.So avoid pictures on your  CV.



Never make cv’s with references included ,unless the job you’re applying for specifies it.The reasons are that your references may be slightly qualified than you, and he or she may be called for a job offer even without you noticing, in place of you.But if you’re are the only contact they have.They will have no option but to pick you.Or it may be that your references may have even forgotten you ,and so if the employer calls them and they indicate they don’t know you, may create all kinds of doubts about you, and that will not be good for your image,and it may cost you the job.But if you with held them and until they ask you,it gives you an ample time to contact your references quickly before you give those references out.



Remove all indications of your date of birth on your CV.It may  set the grounds for discrimination.Some employers don’t like people who are too old or too young.The date of birth alone can send a wild signal about you ,without they having the chance to probe you as to whether you are qualified or not.



Some employers may not be concerned with religion initially, but with some stroke of seconds, of an experience and some notions, they might have encountered can change your destiny without you been at fault.Keep your religion to yourself.Any time I peruse cv’s and I see CV of this nature I’m forced to reject it on that grounds.It creates the impression that the individual in question is not professional.



Make it known upon request.Some even states how many years they are married and how happy they’re in the marriage.Some even states how many children they have.You see,if you do this you make the CV very boring.Even if you’re single don’t put it there.



There should be no occasion should you divulge any medical condition to an employer unless he asks you.He may reject you quickly if he knows certain information he is not suppose to know before hand.



When writing your CV  make sure you do not limit your carrier objectives to one industry.Broaden it to cover every industry.If you limit it,let say,only to an agricultural industry ,and your c.v was received in a different industry they may reject you.Your CV may be thrown away on the grounds that your desire lies in some other industry.



Some cv’s names are saved as:updated 2014,Cv1,giga32, etc. The official working on your CV may get confused as to which is which.Moreover, when the Cv’s are many and almost all the CV’s have identical names,for example when an official is working on cv’s which is about twenty in number and all had been saved as updated CV 2014,it is 50 percent likely that some will be left out.So save the CV in your name to avoid a left out.



Some people only update their CV’s when they get a new job or when they are leaving their jobs.Is always good to update YOUR CV for the right time.Moreover, every job you apply either on the net or through the mail should be different.let say you’re applying for twenty jobs a day,each of the twenty of the cv’s sent should be different.You should change your CV to suit each job applications,don’t use one CV to apply to all the twenty jobs.

Infinity thinkers are all ways learning and finding new ways of doing things.Go and correct all your mistakes ,and land the job destiny has in store for you.

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