Do You Want To Achieve Immortality, Read This……


          You have immeasurable powers that can bring you to a level of genius status if you will try

Some people reached a stage and all they think  of is to immortalize their names in human history. Dying and being forgotten is something they don’t want to be part of. They want their names to be on the lips of people long after they are gone. They get worried and allow this to be their main focus. For this reason, so many people build statutes for themselves which will later be broken down by some earthquake or some accident or some revolution.

Muammar Gaddafi,Saddam Hussein and Nkrumah, all built monuments to immortalized their presence on earth and yet with a single revolution, their hopes of immortality got wobbled and disappeared into thin air.Most people become president or some leader of some sort, not because they want to help  people but to immortalize their names in the annals of history. And yet people forget them some few years of their death. King Solomon of antiquity is remembered not because of his grand palaces or the grand temples he built for his God or being one of the greatest kings in Israeli   history.Aristotle, Plato, Socrates  and Diogenes (my favorite philosopher of antiquity) are remembered not because they built any kingdoms. Our Lord Jesus Christ is remembered not because he was warrior or a conqueror of some sort.Apostle Paul is immortalized not because of the miracles he performed or the travels he made throughout the known world. Philosophers, astrologers, prophets and  all, who are heard today and loved from antiquity, all have one thing in common. Artists like Leonardo DA Vinci and  Michael Angelo to name but a few are not remembered because of great personalities the exhibited in their artistic works during their life time… In our modern times, famous geniuses like Thomas Edison, Einstein, Tesla, Darwin and others, are all remembered and will be remembered many more thousands of years to come but not by their contribution to some science. All these people I have mentioned have one thing in common, and what is this commonality among these men that I have been making noise about. You can also be immortalized in your own small way by doing one thing. All these personalities I have mentioned, have no idea they were making history but they did one thing that I will show you shortly. You may think they are genius, and you are not to be compared to them or you can’t be. That is not true, you have immeasurable powers that can bring you to that level but understand this.


The secret of their immortality is that shared their knowledge. They shared what nature has bestowed on them to be given to Humanity. They did not keep any secret at all, but they gave their all. They shared their visions to others, and those who heard it loved it, and now we too have heard it and admire and adore them. Those personalities shared their innermost thoughts, and have echoed through generations to us here.

Do you know that in human history there are people who have come and gone, and are more powerful and more genius than these names I have mentioned here, and nobody heard of them because they kept themselves so low, never asserted themselves for some sort of fear or couldn’t have a proper and dedicated followers to carry on to spread their knowledge, and so they were drifted into oblivion, never to be heard again.All what I am trying to say here is to that share your knowledge, and you will gain immortality.Not  a copied knowledge or not a knowledge stemming from someone else’s,but your own.Something Original, that is all that is needed.


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