Does Time Heal All Emotional Wounds?

Life is difficult.This is a great truth,one of the greatest truths.It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth,we transcend it.Once we truly know that life is difficult-once we truly understand and accept it-then life is no longer difficult…..M.Scot

Among the most frequently repeated phrases about hurts and sufferings, are that, “Time heals all wounds or this too shall pass”.Time passes and those pains and the wounds of the past still remains.Healing is an active and intentional process and not a passive one.If we have a cut and do nothing to clean it out or do nothing to apply a salve,it will probably be infested with bacteria.It might take longer, and it might even develop infections, the wounds may seem closed but may leave a scare.

Healing and Curing are two very different concepts.Healing is a spiritual exercise and Curing is a physical or medical one.Healing is an active process.It doesn’t happen to us or being automatic;we must participate in the process of our healing.Healing happens to us.It is a gift we give to ourselves in the moment we decided to stay ‘open’ to that which has broken us.

Let see this sad true story that demanded a high healing capacity for this individual.There was this beautiful woman of 35 years old.In certain communities in Africa if you are not married yet at this age,is more or less a taboo, and is frowned upon.Normally is worrying to the community since it is believed that every woman should at that age get married and bore children.So at this age when a woman isn’t married, it becomes a burden and she is pressurized to marry by hook or crook.This woman on her 35th birthday was introduce to a very handsome man from abroad by a lady friend.They instantly fell in love, and you could see them holding hands every where.They were really in love.They had bought all the necessary items for the wedding, and really preparing for that day.In the course of the preparation she introduce her brides maid to the man who was at age 23 .The following day the woman tried calling her fiancee but he wasn’t picking up.After a month of search, she never heard anything about the man’s where about.She later heard that her fiancee had gotten married to this 23 year old woman she introduced as her bridesmaid.I believe these pains and bitterness she had experienced,if she is not careful could dislodge her whole life, and even bring her untold emotional sufferings of blame and self pity .I believe you might had gone through a different experiences as compared to this, but all the same your experiences may trigger much pains and bitterness.By leaving these pains and bitterness to time may cause you more harm than necessary,and than you will ever imagine.That is why we see so many people living their lives with various degrees of hurt without doing any to help themselves, in the hope that time will heal them.They have stopped ‘living’ because somebody broke their heart.Some had committed suicides because of some betrayals.Some one had gotten their freedom curtailed just because they wanted to retaliate for the evil done them.Emotional wounds if not checked could cause so much damage to your very person in terms of Psychological and physical well being.Emotional wounds can course bitterness,Constant psychological welfare,attitude of unforgiveness,anger and pain.

How  Do  You  Deal  With  Emotional  Wounds:

 Learn From History.


We should learn from history.It is said that one lesson about history is that we don’t learn from history.Learning from history can save us from a great deal of pains and emotional wounds.You should learn from people who had gone through similar situations and how they survived.You can get these information from your parents,friends,relatives,testimonies from survivors, and the most important of all Reading books.Your job is to survive and be happy in your daily living without being entangled with unnecessary emotional baggage.

Emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence is all about studying and understanding your own emotional structure and patterns, and that of the world around you .Emotional intelligence is the most important skill you will have to master,if you really want to attain the height of power and be free from pains.Mastering your emotions is the ability to distance yourself from the present moment and think objectively about the past and the future.Nothing should take you by surprise because you’re continuously envisaging problem before they arise.As an infinity thinker, you should learn how to forget those events in the past that eat away at you and cloud your reason.


Forgive All Those Who Have Hurt You.


It said that forgive and forget.But I say to you for give but never forget.You not forgetting is not to brood over the pains and the hurts.But to remind yourself that this person who has hurt you in the past is likely to do that again, so you should be on your guard from subsequent in actions and actions from that person which is likely to hurt you.

 See A good Psychologist Or Counselor.


If all fails,then you need someone to help you.There are so many counselors and psychologist who are good at helping you deal with your pain.



Last of all ,there are some hurts no one can help you, not even a therapist .I implore you to turn to the Higher power and Seek him. pray for strength  as you go through these hurts and pains.I promise you, you will be fine.

Many people lie to themselves that time will heal their wounds but in short,it wont happen.One need to work hard on themselves before one could be free from all these pains.As an infinity thinker,you should expect hurts and accept it ,and quickly deal with it.Shrug it off as if nothing had happened.Never allow any pains and bitterness to rule you, and control your life.You deserve the best.You deserve your peace of mind.


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