Don’t Let A guy Waste Your Most Eligible Years

Don’t Let A guy Waste Your Most Eligible Years


If a guy will let you down, he makes it clear from the beginning.


I have observed and seen so many ladies wallowing in pain and sadness just because they woke up one day, and they found out that their sweethearts was all along lying to them. They have wasted their years and lives, hoping that their guys will marry them. One sad thing about this whole thing is that the women as are mostly affected when these guys ditch them. They have invested their time, emotions and resources in the relationship so much so that it tears them apart, and when not careful makes them more bitter, and emotionally blocked which  makes it very difficult for them to have any meaningful relationship in the near future. That is why I say, take heed to the signs the guy gives you and quickly quit so you can save yourself esteem. I want all women to understand that they should discard that gibberish and mundane Idea of feminism. Which seeks to give women certain illusion that men and women are equal. Women can never be equal with men. With this kind of idea of feminism in the ladies minds, makes it very difficult for her to have and cultivate any meaningful relationship. I therefore encourage all women to discard these beliefs that are not serving them. Women are like milk, the moment it is opened it start going bad and its value reduces by time. Unlike men who are like wine, the more they grow in years the more value they grow. So as an infinity thinker and a wise woman, you don’t have to waste so much time in a dead-end relationships that leads you know where. As a guy I think most women are naive if not at all, when it comes seeing the signs in a dead-end relationships. They invest their emotions so much in the relationship that even when it’s on the wall that the relationship is heading towards the abyss, they would still not listen. They waste so much time in the hope that the relationship will be saved.
Women values goes up high between age 18 -25, and it starts slumping downwards from 25.So you should be wise enough to know these age advantages and disadvantages, and position yourself so that you will not lose in the end. So quickly check these points below so that you will not waste your time in the long run. See these signs as warnings, so you make the right decisions quickly:

Staying Too Long In The Relationship


Ladies, if you are in a relationship and within one year or six months, and you don’t see any signs of commitment, QUIT!!!It is nonsense and waste of time to be in a relationship and not seeing anything. If you raise questions of commitment and he brushes you aside, look!!! he is seeing you as an option. He impregnates you, he tells you to abort it.You have even aborted four babies for him. Let me tell you candidly, HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU, PERIOD!!!No guy who truly loves you will allow you to go through such an ordeal of using your body and dumping you under the knife.It easier said than done but just try, and you will thank your stars. If you’re in relationship more than a year or six months, and don’t see any seriousness, break up. A guy see’s a lady for the first time, if he will be his wife he knows. It doesn’t take years to make such a decision.



In the beginning he seems to be very enthusiastic and exciting. He calls you ten times a day until recently. I’m not saying if  calls reduces it means he has lost interest in you, but when he makes no effort to call, that is when you have to be concerned. You asked him what the problem was, he tells you everything is normal. I tell you ,this is not normal. You realize that the relationship is no longer exciting as the first. When he looks aloof and nothing concerns him anymore. You talk him and nothing moves him. Start making your decisions right now before it is too late.

 He Is UnAvailable


The first requirements you should ever be in relationship with someone is that he is available. Available means free to be in a relationship, not involve with anyone else, not married, not engaged, not going steady, not sleeping with anyone else,Alone,single,all yours.
It’s a bad sign when your man is exhibiting one or more of these:
Your man is with someone else but promises to leave soon. He is with someone but tells you he doesn’t really love her .He is with someone, but they are not having sex anymore. Just left someone, but might be going back. Take note of these, you don’t need to be in such a relationship, he is unavailable, you deserve better.

Reciprocal Relationship


Any relationship that is not built on the foundation of give and take that relationship is bound to crumble. This issue is a relationship killer. You are in relationship with someone and your partner gives and give without you also given back. You are destroying the relationship.Any relationship you find yourself in and you’re the only person doing all the calls, you seem to be doing all the work. You carry all the relationship duties on your head whiles your guy does nothing. If you are experiencing this currently, then you are in a dead-end relationship. Run! quickly before he perforates and ruffled your self-esteem which is an important attitude you need in annexing the right man.

Lack Of Communication


Any time you find yourself in a relationship where the communications is virtually non-existent, it’s an indication of a clear call that you have to quit the relationship before it is too late.

Lack Of Respect


He disrespect your family.He has no regard for your privacy and he even insults you and abuse you. Please quit this relationship before it destroys your self-worth. Disrespectful relationship destroys self-esteem. For any relationship that does not help you repair damages done to you on your self-esteem, is not a good one you should invest in.


I have seen so many women in toxic relationships who are still hoping that their relationship will turn around by some stroke of a magic wand. They spend all their eligible years waiting. But if they had paid a little attention they wouldn’t have suffered this loss. From the beginning, these guys gave them all the signals that they will fail them and yet they refused to heed to the signal. Ladies, listen, if a guy will let you down he makes it clear from the beginning. Your job is to quickly pick these signals and then quit as early as possible before it damages your self-worth. I advise all women, even if one of these points above is presented in your relationship, it is time for you to quit.These are principles not only akin to women, but it applies to men also.


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