Finding Courage To Love Again

   Finding the courage to love again means you have mastered the pain of the past.

On the path leading to great love or successful living is littered with all kinds of falsehood, betrayal, hate, and disappointments. Meaning, everybody that has gone through hurt for the sake of love, and is able to find the courage to love again he makes good to himself eventually. Love is a good thing. It glows the souls of men. It brightens the face of the beloved. It sends young women and men to the land of their wildest dreams. The land where there are no boundaries to cage anyone; they become free like the bird freed from its fowlers snare. Love sends them to a land full of imagination impossible. Love is the only feeling that makes the impossible possible. We see these demonstrations in the movies, and in the novels but unfortunately when it comes to real life the ball game is different. We suffer in the hands of the dishonest, and the unscrupulous. We suffer in the hands of evil people who do not care about the feelings of the other person. As you read this rendition, probably, your mind is cast back on the recent happenings or the past. But I’m here to tell you that all is not lost..You might have lost something for loving someone genuinely but all is not lost. It is only lost when you lose that courage to love again..I’m here to tell you that don’t lose that little courage to love again..Just dig into that little courage and start again. You might have been bruised or wounded by love, vowing that you will never love again. If you do that, then you have lost. If you do that, the experiences that should rather serve you to let you be more vigilant and to be more careful in your decision of love is lost forever…Just find the courage to love again I bet you will never regret you did this.

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