Forgive But Never Forget

Following the Holocaust, two phrases stand out above all others as concrete universal Jewish resolutions. The first, ‘Zachor’ (to remember), is to ensure that the past will never be forgotten and its memory will always serve as a guide for the future. The second,  ‘Never Again,’ is not limited to the horrors of a particular time or place, nor by extent or methods, but rather it symbolizes the Jewish people’s collective resolve to never stand by the blood of their brethren and to never allow innocents to be brutalized for the crime of being Jewish.

There is an adage that says ,”Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”.There are so many philosophies spreading around that says forgive and forget.I say follow this philosophy for your own doom.One secret about Americans or  Jews  is that they don’t forget things.If you hurt an American or a Jew he will brood over it for a long time till he either get you to pay or makes sure it doesn’t happen again .Many have had themselves embroid in all kinds of preventable pains just because they have foolishly forgiven and forgotten.It is no surprising that one of the greatest President of the United States,John F. Kennedy retraited that,”Forgive your enemies but never forget their names”.What  I’m saying here is not for you to brood over the pain and then demand your own pound of flesh.Forgiveness is liberating. That is why I agree with Mahatma Gandhi who said ,”the weak can never forgive.Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. You will have to forgive to save your soul.There should be on no account should you habour pains and bitter feeling against anyone that has hurt you.But you will have to keep watch so that you will not be hurt again.If it happens that you have to destroy certain relationships or certain habits to protect your piece of mind then you have to do it.Keep watching until you ward off every enemy within your range.


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