Foundation For Wealth Building

Foundation For Wealth Building

Successful People Know That They Must Sacrifice Something Today in Order to Achieve a Lot More Tomorrow- Stuart Goldsmith

I have made it clear on this great platform that wealth building is not luck, but a deliberate and series of strategic maneuverings. For you to make wealth, you must have certain principles well ingrained in your mind. To make wealth, you must have an insatiable hunger, which can stand all frustrations, delayance and setbacks. In this theater, I will give you a simple way of making it in the long run. But mind you, INFINITY THINKERS (the website for thinkers and the enlightened) do not believe in making wealth through quick fixes. Making real wealth, takes time. So here are the foundation which will make your dream come true, below:

Stable  Relationship


For you to be in your way to real wealth, you need to have peace of mind in your home and a strong emotional stability. There should be no threat of divorce from your partner or any infidelity rearing its ugly heads in your relationship. Instead of expending your energy on making wealth, you rather spend them in the law courts for divorcing issues which may end up splitting your hard end wealth into pieces or wasting time trying to solve a dead-end relationships that will collapse anyway. So before you get married make sure the person coming into your life will add something to you, and not subtracting anything from you. Your woman/man must be hardworking, honest and faithful and a very frugal one.In other words,your partner should be an asset and not a liability.All these contribute to the stability of the relationship.

Frugal  Lifestyle


Frugal is when you reduce spending, in other to build wealth for the future. Sometimes we create the impression that one need to dress more fanciful for us to feel good and to make people like us. Listen to me, people don’t care a hoot about you,whether you do the right thing or not, they will criticize. So you better stop that reckless spending .May I ask, why buy items you don’t need? Frugal means, not spending money on liabilities but assets. You should keep yourself from spending money unnecessarily especially those of you who enjoys impulse buying. There was this great gambler in the US. Who always keeps his cool when he wins a lottery or loses. Someone asked him: “How are you able to keep calm and cool when you lose huge sum of money to lottery? “He smiled and said: “I NEVER GAMBLE WITH MONIES I AM NOT READY LOSE”. So should be your mentality.Don’t give away monies you are not ready to lose, so that you have nothing left for yourself. Stop spending your money abhasadly.There is no need to buy things you don’t need. Most rich men with  great wealth are very frugal. They don’t spend anyhow.


Traditional  Family  Values


Values are dispositions that are hold in high esteem by  an individual, a particular community, a family,a firm or traditional area.These values are thought either intentional or unintentional. The Chinese have values which became the very foundation of their developments. This is how Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minster of Singapore, described these Chinese values in his book,the Singaporean story; from the third world to first:” CONFUCIAN virtues such as being FILIAL to one’s parent, HONEST and UPRIGHT, HARDWORKING and THRIFTY, SINCERE to ones friends, and LOYAL to COUNTRY were the  important supports for the LEGAL SYSTEMS that brought about the CHINESE success.“ So having a very strong and a good values SYSTEM can really catapult you to the success, you’ve always wanted. However, not all values are good values. As a learner and a winner, you should observe the values that are not serving YOU and weakening you, discard it and put on a new form of values that will spur you forward into your success. This is the purpose of this this piece. To create a new form of thinking that will help you to get what you want.

Life  Style  Of  Hard  Work


There is this popular saying that “the harder I work, the luckier I become”.It is a good thing to work hard. Every successful person you see worked so hard every day in the background.That is why I will not advise anyone to envy any successful persons but should draw inspiration from them. The kind Of hard work they do in the back ground, if you are not well motivated,disciplined,ready to take risks and being visionary, you can’t do it.We need to work more than necessary. If you are a business owner, and you don’t work more than your workers, initially, you will collapse the firm.



It’s very common to envy successful people but when you really take a little look into the detail of their lives, the things they go through every day, and the kind discipline that they have acquired only a few, would want to go through it. Friend’s, it takes discipline to be disciplined.Every truly successful person will tell you that they owe all they have to discipline. It takes discipline to save money for a raining day.It takes discipline to build and maintained businesses from scratch.It takes discipline to be frugal. It takes discipline to wake up early in the morning to read and improve yourself,and your world view. It takes discipline of wanting to go to school FOR  YEARS to HONE your skills. Do you know why so many people are not working with their talents? The problem is discipline to hone it.Working on your talents means practicing 8 hours a day for 10-15 years. Just like Venus sisters, Tiger Woods etc. who practice all most 12 hours a day. It is difficult initially but if you work hard, it will become an instinct. You can see how disciplined people are by the way they walk, The way they spend their monies, the way they dress, the way they treat others or the way they handle various relationships. You need to be disciplined to be at the top. Without discipline the foundation of wealth you’re trying to build will cave in  in no time.Disciplined people do not spend anyhow, they believe in the philosophy of “paying now and enjoying later” and not “enjoying now and paying later”. They delay gratification so they can build wealth for the future.



Becoming a man of success demands that one has to pay a hefty price for it.To make a lot of money you will have to give up many things. You will have to sometimes have to sacrifice your sleep, your fancy vacation, your family etc. You cannot get something out of nothing,you will have to sacrifice. Anytime we see successful persons, we sometimes think they are lucky and that we wish we were in their place. Every rich man you see has paid a lot of price to reach that height. If you’re not ready to pay for that price or sacrifice then say a good bye to success.In other to start your way to this sacrifice, you need to find out what this sacrifice is and then work to achieve it.



One of the most important attributes of a financial independent person is his ability to manage his meager resources to make wealth. No man who really wants to attained certain level of success can ever do it without savings.Saving a portion of your income every month is the beginning of wealth making.20 percent or more of your income should be saved away every month without touching them all your life.It’s sometimes very worrying when we spend all our monies as soon as we get them.To attain the height of power and financial independence you have to develop certain policies I called THE VALVE SYSTEM,and it goes like this:any money that comes into your hands should find it difficult to leave.In other words, make sure in your money making, money will flow more into your direction but make it difficult for it to leave.Research has shown that any money that comes to the hand of a Jew,takes approximately six months before it leaves.The Jew invest his money severally to make some profit before the money leaves.It leaves in the form investment and not spending unnecessarily. Savings gives you certain  level of leverage.The feeling of you having saved some money, gives you some confidence.Savings afford you a ready money for investments.You’re in awkward situation where you’ve detected a good business opportunity but no body is willing to give you money for the project.Remember even banks have become very rigid in issuing out loans , the sufferings you will go through,the huddles,disappointments and even the time factor, will present a greater risk of you getting the money for this opportunity.Having enough money in your account through much savings makes it easier for financing a business opportunity.

Sound  Investment  Habits


It’s very amusing and very sad when people enjoy seeing their monies sitting in their bank accounts without making any effort to invest it.A place like sub Saharan Africa where inflation are skyrocketing,if you leave your money without finding a way to multiply it,the value of your money will be useless in  a few months.So just observe the financial market,which industries are doing well,then you pitch your tent there.See an expert in the field of your choice for an advice especially when you are not familiar with that industry or some who knows the industry very well.

Marrying  A  Frugal  Partner


One of the ways to ensure that your money will stay for some certain considerable length of time where you can quickly invest it and make profit ,is when your partner does not like spending.This spending issues has caused a lot of break ups in marriages and I believe is the number one major cause.Your man wants to spend all what you guys have toiled for over the years by going to buy a $70,000 car without feeling remorse about it.You wish you could invest that money BUT he is not listening .He continuously spend on liabilities and you’re very worried about the future of the relationship. Yes, you should be worried because he is selling your soul to debts and poverty.So if you are not married yet,this should be one of the most important criteria you need to add to your catalogs.If you’re already married,you should seek counseling immediately or you can talk to your partner about the danger of his incessant spending.

To attain wealth is easy but not easy.I’m saying not easy because ,initially you will need to work a little harder to create that new life style, and after that things will start falling in their places.

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