Have You Consider This Lately, Why You Are On This Earth For

Have You Consider This Lately, Why You Are On This Earth For


                   If your parent did not plan for your coming, God planned it, and that is all what matters

Have you ever sat down quietly of late, and asked yourself this candid question about why you are here on earth or why God created you? Probably you don’t like think much about these questions because of the pain it gives you, your secret covetousness of wanting to be what you are not either by force or by crook makes you feel guilty sometimes or you are so busy that you don’t have much time to sit down and to think things through deeply about your existence, that you are not here to just breathe the air on the earth, walk here on earth and just die off just like that. And that nobody will ever hear of you. Nobody will ever know you ever existed ,only few of your relatives will have a faint idea of who you were, after you are dead and buried of which after a few months you are forgotten. So it means you just came, saw, walked and died without adding anything that seeks to improve humanity.

Listen if you refuse to use your talents, you are depriving humanity the joy of comfortability and improvement. And remember nature always rewards and assist those who are diligently willing in their quest to use their gifting’s for the good of humanity. Just imagine this: Christopher Columbus deciding to go and farm somewhere in Genoa and so killing his passion for the voyage in search for other far lands, America will never had been found. Microsoft and others did nothing but went on working for some banks in New York, we will probably be using typewriters and huge main frame computers that will give us so much heat that we might need two megawatt of electricity of air-condition in cooling them down. I will not rest my case here without mentioning some great contributors that have immensely made our world a better place to live in, and for subsequent generations. Personalities like Thomas Edison and  Nicola Tesla of which  their gifts to the world have created the very foundation for  all the various electrical gadgets we us today and have made us more a comfortable people than some people who lived in some centuries ago. Men like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King all used their God giving gifts in paving way for black liberation. I am asking you this question again, have you consider yourself, lately, what you are doing here in this universe? So now and then you will wake up early in the morning, pick a car or a bus or a train going to and fro, and one day you will drop dead without affecting the world with your potentials? One may say,” but the work I do is a contribution to humanity.” Well, what I can tell you is that do you complain about your working conditions or you are satisfied with it or you work yourself dead so much that you are just  waiting for, “Thank God Is Friday.” And after these two days wears off and you reach Monday, then you say, “oh how I hate Mondays.” Men of destiny who are doing what the universe has asked them to do are happy with what they do. They want to run to the office and work or they are doing projects that will change people’s lives, and are excited about it all along from day one. Here, I’m not talking about workaholics who are running away from something, and are using work as a cover up. Probably a nagging wife is on his throat trying to strangle him to death for failing his duties. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the real joy that flows from the work you do, if money is not involve that is what I am talking about.

Probably you were born out of wedlock so you think no one prepared for your coming. You were just a bother; a kill joy of pleasure to your parents,so they think.You became a bother to your parents right? As occasionally or always they made you feel bad right?But let me tell you the truth, what matters the most is that the universe prepared for your coming and that is what matters. You were celebrated in heaven for your coming, so be rest assured that everything you need for bringing out the best in you has already being provided for. Just forge ahead and make the best use of the time God has giving you. If your parents did not plan for your coming, God planned it, and that is all what matters.


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