Hope for Pornographic Addicts: 10 Stages To Free Yourself And Get Your Life Back

Hope  for  Pornographic  Addicts:  10  Stages  To  Free Yourself And Get Your  Life Back

 You got yourself into this mess, and you are the only person that can deliver yourself from this shit you have gotten yourself into.

Only few  people do not know they are addicted, and Thankfully,the  greater number of people involve know they are addicted, and some want a solution to it.But to those who do not know they are seriously  addicted, should take note of this.You are addicted if you cannot go about your daily life without viewing any pornographic materials,  of some sort, a day.

Internationally, the porn industry is said to be about $97 billion worth, according to Kassia Wosick, assistant professor of sociology at New Mexico State University.A research further shows that between $10 billion and $12 billion of that comes from the United States alone. In every second, an average of 28,450 individuals watch pornography on the internet, and Over 35% of internet downloads contain pornographic materials. In fact every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is made in the United States.72% of all internet porn viewers are viewed by men, whilst women only make up a mere 28%.The 70% of women who view porn conceal it; it’s more or less like keeping it secret .The total amount of women who view pornography every month will reach 9.4 million.

The  Winners  And  Losers  In  The  Porn   Industry

I am giving you all these statistics because I want you to know how serious the situation is, globally, and why we  must not rest on our laurels, but fight it from youth to youth, and from marriage to marriage. Moreover, I want you to know the losers and benefactors in the porn industry. The executive producers are the biggest winners because they make a lot of money out of you, and research has even shown that the actors don’t even get anything at all as compared to the revenue these executive producers rake in. You guys are the biggest losers because at the end of the day you get hooked, and that is when all your problems start.

 The  Solution  To  This  Problem  Lies  Within  you

I know you are reading this because you want a solution to this shit you have gotten yourself into. Well, you are in the right place. But there is one thing that I want to caution you on, and that this rendition does not hold a magic wand to automatically transform you into a new man or by  being free from porn addiction when you are not ready to make any effort to that effect. You cannot stop your addiction if you are not willing to find a solution to it. You must reach a point that you declare to yourself that until you defeat this demon of yours, you will continue fighting. You got yourself into this mess, and you are the only person that can deliver yourself from this shit you have gotten yourself into. Probably you may think porn is good, and therefore it helps you with your loneliness or makes you feel alive in every view. Let me tell you this emphatically, you are tearing yourself apart if you continue with this. If you are married then you are indirectly killing your marriage because it destroys intimacy, and it will eventually affect your children too,if you have any.With Porn addiction, you will  realize that your attention to your family will start waning, and then you will start neglecting your duties at home.At least you will always think of how to satisfy your cravings only, and nothing else. This porn addiction, I believe, is preventing you from reaching your future by not helping you being yourself, and asserting yourself to the world that you have something to offer. Sometimes it’s very funny when couples believe this malicious lie in the common hope that they are using Pornography to spice their sex life. This is preposterous because in doing so, it looks as if, you are inviting your enemy to destroy you instead. Leading your husband or your wife into pornography is more or less like shooting yourself in the  foot ; it’s painful. Eventually your husband, your wife or you yourself will lose interest in each other. As you use Pornography, you are adding a newly formed habit into your own personality which will hunt you later. It is on the basis of this mistake, I am here to help so you can be free from this habit which is eating you up, and which is likely to destroy you eventually, ones and for all.

let get down to business.

Negative  Effects  Of  Porn

Here are some negative effects of Porn Which are common  among sufferers.

Anxiety : Most porn addicts suffers from this anxiety syndrome. It makes them feel weaker after every episodes of viewing. Probably you don’t know why you are getting weaker by the day, but check it, you will realize that it is your porn viewing which is the cause all these.

Stress: Research has shown that most porn addicts are more stressful than the average man.

Alcoholism: Addicts tend to result to alcohol to alleviate various stresses that comes with pornography, and eventually they get hooked to something else again.

The Desire to Masturbate : Masturbation is common among porn addicts.This is a topic I will tackle some few months to come because its becoming more of an endemic than previously thought, and it’s equally destroying lives.

Low Self Esteem: Most porn addicts are said to have a lot of low self-esteem.As I have said in other renditions that you cannot be said to have led a meaningful life if you have low self esteem.

The Ten Scientifically Proven Stages Revealed:

These are the process of ending your deep rooted addiction for ever.Please study the ten stages carefully and do everything it tells you,I believe, and it  will eventually help you uproot this insidious addiction for  good, and set you on the path of freedom.So put on your gloves,and let get to the fight.

Stage 1 : You  must find  out  how  you  got   into  Pornography  viewing  In The First Place, And  What Motivated You  Into  It

There are a lot of reasons porn addicts give for their involvement, and some of these reasons are that some went for it solely because they were so eager to please their partners. Let me tell you point blank, you should never accept any sexual styles you are not comfortable with. If he is not ready to accept what is comfortable for you, let him or her go. You must let them know that you are not ready to acquire any new habits that will ruin your life. Some also claim that, especially younger folks, that everybody is engaged in it so it must be right and true. Some also said it was recommended to them by their friend as good for marriage, in terms of spicing their sex life; until they got hooked. Many marriage couple had realized that instead of porn helping them, it has rather become counterproductive. Destroying their marriages rather by affecting their intimacy level. So you must know why you do porn, and then attack it from its roots.How do you attack it? By stop believing in those lies, and SAY NO to Porn, Period.

Stage 2: Do  Away  with  all  Pornographic  materials  in  your  possession

Now that you know the cost, and the toll Pornography is having on you, you shouldn’t wait for me to tell you what to do. You must do away with it right now, and make sure there is no sign of it anywhere near you. Burn all the magazines and other materials of such nature.You must resolve not get near those porn sites anymore.

Stage 3: Deprogram  your  mind

You got yourself into this shit, and you are the only person that can save you from this doldrums. Go to all the best therapist and counselors in the world,if you are not willing, no change will come to you.You mus be a willing party, and a party of change in the process of your deprogramming.Your excessive porn viewing normally leaves you with flashes and visions, and so it tends to lure you back into the act.At this stage you should have done away with everything you know of pornography including burning of magazine, and Stop going on any of the porn sites by strong resolve. Unmark all book markings on your computer.The best way to deprogram yourself is to replace the flash back  with something that will keep your mind off like sports,art painting or you can even enroll in a course.You must continuously brash those thought aside when the flashback seems to come back into your mind.

Stage4: Be  angry  at  your  failure

AS you go through the deprogramming,you will fail several times but any time you fail get angry at yourself.Many psychologist tend to advise their clients to allow themselves to fail.Bot that is a very dangerous tactics .Get angry at your self any time you fail,and let your anger pain you so much that you even recommend drastic a measure by declaring a fast for some days to send a strong signal to the brain that you are not joking. Some experts recommends self-inflicted pain that will make it difficult to fail again.You got to be hungry for your change.

Stage 5: You   Must  Consciously  Control  The  Urge

Neuro plasticity is consciously altering your mental patterns that tends to control your live decisions. This will help you to break old habits and form new ones. The mind is the biggest sexual organ in the body, and if you are able to tackle and take over the brain, then the 90 percent of the job is done. If you take control over your mind by determining what to think, and what not to think, you will be able to control the urge by not allowing urge to control you.

Stage 6: Get  Busy  Doing  Something

In this stage you got to be busy.Start engaging yourself in a challenging job or something that will occupy your mind throughout the day.If you don’t have anything doing,you will be tempted to go back.Get something doing.The deliverance and salvation is in the doing.Go for it.

Stage 7: Spend   More  Time  With  People

Spending more time with people who love you, and encourage you is the best.Stay away from your porn friends,who will love to talk about porn related subjects.Possibly find new friends that will align with your new found habit.

Stage 8:Love  yourself

Research has shown that most porn addicts  have poor hygiene,poor eating habits etc.Your love for your life will motivate you to take more drastic measures to eat well,dress well,have good fun and engage in something good and purposeful.No one is said to love himself if he eats badly and do not treat his body well by engaging in things that will eventually hook him up.

Stage 9: Seek  Help  From  God

Probably you don’t believe in God any more but I can tell you it can be big factor in your eventual escape of this cancerous habit.People who trust and hope in God submit their will to him, and eventually their big break.So don’t be shy to go on your knees to talk to God on such matters.He is ever ready to listen to you and save you when all is lost.If you try all these 8 stages and you find it difficult I will suggest you seek the man up, there and you will be glad you did.

Stage 10 : Celebrate  Your  Victory  Conclusion

As you start chalking successes,jubulate and reward yourself for good job done.You know what to do in rewarding yourself,pop some Champagne or go on some vacation to celebrate your new found freedom.You only need 21 days to declare victory.Why 21 days?Because every new habits need 21 days to be well rooted


All these stages depends on you.When you fail, you fail those who are looking up to you.When you fail, you fail your loved ones and yourself.You have the power and will to do it.I know you can do it.If you know the power within you will start doing something.Start doing something, and the universe will come to your aid.Pay the price and be free.Go my Brother.Go my sister.Go my friends.Because you have the power to free yourself.Just a little step, and you will be surprise how far you have come.


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