How Africans Are Being Led By The Church Into Their Own Doom

                      I guess Our God is not a God of vindictiveness

Africa has been touted as the last hope and savior of the Christian Religion. Considering the near and a virtual collapse of Christianity in Europe. In Latin America, most of the Christian faith practiced there are purported to be some how ‘diluted’ or ‘massaged’ to suit the people’s beliefs. One catholic Priest in Brazil had been banned by the Catholic Church for practicing Exorcism. It is really not too surprising that Christianity is really not doing too well in Europe since the 19th century. Even in the holy land, at the moment, Christianity is in its lowest ebb.The lies, the deception and the manipulation that has characterized the dissemination of the gospel is causing many people to leave the church universal. With this piece, I would like to discuss some pertinent trivialities that the church is engaged in, in Africa. It is amusing though but life threatening, mass destruction of creativity, mass causes of poverty and amassing of wealth on the expense of the poor in the name of religion.

My  Encounter  With  The  Christian  Fanatics


I had a few problems in past with my childhood church for speaking my mind on certain inadequacies and archaic beliefs in the church. I found myself on the wrong side of their books. So I decided to ‘fight’, and then release the church from this quagmire of their grips. I was overpowered by their share numbers. So I resign my fate to being a backbencher. Since I no longer willed any influence in the church, I decided to tour other churches to find out what was going on there. Upon so many sojourns, I chanced upon one influential church in the country. They have a reputation of being a rich church, and members full of intellectuals. That is where I decided to pitch my tent. The church, as I see it has a lot of classes or stratification of relationships. If your parents are not known, you’re not regarded as one of them. You need a lot of connections and recommendations from the apparatchiks of the church before you will seem to be part of them. Some of the leaders either makes it clear or subtle, that you have no pedigree and that you’re not wanted there. There had been several instances that points to these facts. Despite all these negativity they are very organized, very rich raking in over 3 million dollars a year and have some good clergymen.On one occasion, one clergyman ,I admire so much, criticized them for their insensitivity toward their fellows. I wanted to be a free bird, not joining any group in the church. Though I had done that in the past and their cordiality toward me was not the best. So I decided to go to  church, quite, chit- chat with a few friends and then come back home. There are some days, I don’t get anyone to chat with.One day, I came to church sitting down alone Praying and meditating, from nowhere one fanatic woman came to me and said, “Why don’t you join the bible class over there“,Pointing her index finger to that direction. I told her that I’m not interested and that I want to be alone. She refused to batch and went on, “young man, have you given your life to Christ?” I said no.But for the records, I gave my life to Christ when I was 9, got real convicted at 12.So she said,” can you raise your hands for some prayers and confession of Christ. I told her I don’t think its necessary, and that I prefer I would confessed it alone in my closet. She agreed and then looked in to her bag and brought out some bible lessons. She gave it to me and entreated me to read and study it .I took it scanned through it and it was a basic Christian teachings that is not really relevant to my current state of mind. I went home and threw it away. She saw me the following week trying to still convert me .I really want her to get off my back. So in other to clear her off my back, I told her that I would love to ask her some questions. She was excited and she quickly accepted the challenge. I asked her, “Madam, where does sin comes from? “She said, “My son sin came from the devil. I nodded and asked, “So now who created the devil”? She knew the answer but she was afraid of thinking to that direction. I asked her a lot of questions, she could not answer even one. The nature of my questions had placed some fear in her towards me, that she no longer gets comfortable with me anymore. She had abandoned her conversion plans towards me.She had converted a lot of people through this means, and the church is so rich but when I look at her, nobody think highly of her. She thinks she knows and yet she ‘spew’ nothing. She bored me so much but I have to put up with her because of her old age. I continuously barraged her with highly philosophical but unanswerable questions. She stopped worrying me because she sensed that she could lose her faith if she continuously pester me.She stopped calling me as usual and ever since I have not heard from her.The environment and the cronyism within the church makes me wonder  if it is really a christian church.

Blind  Faith?


A few years back, my distant Aunty died of cancer because she refused to heed to the advice of a doctor. One fine morning, she woke up and realized there were lumps in both of her breast. She quickly ran to the hospital and it was confirmed that she has a cancer. She was advised that they could sever her breast so that her life could be extended. She refused. She made it known to all the doctors that she would seek divine intervention. She moved from one church to the other in seeking healing but to no avail. After several years of sojourn of quack African churches, she went to the same doctors. The doctors examined her and the result shows that the cancer had spread to almost all the vital organs and that they can do nothing now. She died but with a lost faith. She died an Atheist. She couldn’t believe she couldn’t get healed considering the assurances and faith being preached by these men of God in Africa. They tell their congregant to shun modern medicine, and to rely only on divine intervention. But when these men of God are sick they quickly go to the hospital to get cared for,while lying to their congregant to rely on divine intervention.

A  misplaced  Priority?


A young man had been searching for a job for so many years after finishing School. It is very disheartening when you’ve finished school for many years and your parents still takes care of you. This young man had sent so many application letters but to no avail. Friend advised him to seek some spiritual help from a renowned Prophet in the area, and he did. He was directed by the Prophet that all his problems were caused by his grandmother.Apparently, he was told he would see all the application letters sent over the years in a small box under his grandmother’s bed. He went and saw some papers and the prophet said it represent all his Application letters. Triviality upon Trivialities. The young man took a cutlass and a knife and chased this old woman out of the house, calling her a witch, threatening to kill her. Thanks to goodness, this woman was saved by a good a Samaritan.On many occasions these older women were killed for doing nothing wrong.



A story was brokered a few years ago about a group of Christian Fanatics.This group went into the forest and created their own village camp. The church members were not allowed to have any contact with the ‘world’. The Prophet determines who should marry whom. He was asked what  his motivation for doing all these was. He said God told him to purge his flocks and then protect them for the rapture and the Armageddon.It was surprising that this Prophet holds a Bachelor degree, and resigned from his teaching job as tutor in one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country.



A story was told about a woman who had been diligently paying her tithe for years. There was no month that this woman will missed her tithe payment. According to the woman, her only son  was brilliant beyond measure.Her son went and wrote his final exams, and  failed beyond measure. She later attributed her son’s failure to her inability to pay her Tithe in one month because she took that one month tithe, in paying her son’s school fees. The testimony this woman gave struck fear in all the congregant, and they resolved to be faithful in their tithing so that the same fate will not befall them. I guess Our God is not a God of vindictiveness. But the scripture says we will be saved not by works but by grace.



The other day, a guy who had been sick for some days due to mental illness as a result of drug use was advised by a prophet to be brought to the church to be exorcised of some purported spirit causing the madness. He was chained for several weeks under a neem tree close to the church camp. Some church members and visitors who were saddened by the man’s plight, complains that he is given no drug.Food,only ones a day.When he becomes very aggressive ,he is beaten to pulp until he becomes somber.When the rain falls it falls on him and when the sun shines it hit him so hard. Many mentally ill patients dies within two months due to malaria and other harmful diseases. About a few years ago a journalist broke a similar story. The prophet was arrested and the camp dismantled, and all the mentally deranged were sent to the hospital. By the exposition of these activities by these evil prophets by the media,it has still not deter many prophets from operating in similar manner. Even the media is now in bed with these quack Prophets for using those medium in deceiving these people and they pay huge sums for that. This triviality is not only wide spread in West Africa but all over the continent.

Cashing  In  On  The  Ignorance  Of  The  Congregation


A few months ago a governor of one of the West African Countries, disclosed that the amount of reserves the church has not only in their respective countries, but in foreign banks could solve youth unemployment in that country in one year. If you really want to know where riches is in full display, it is the church founders in Africa . They buy Jets, send their children to high fee paying universities in America and in Europe. While the very persons who gave out those monies are told their reward is in heaven. They have succeeded in telling them that being poor is good for their attainment of goods especially mansions and walking on the street of gold. What is the use of walking on the street of gold if it’s not yours or you can’t use some for your own benefit?The richest clergymen are found in West Africa.More richer than their fellow clergymen in the USA.

The trivialities in the African Churches are numerous and huge, and its destroying lives. The only thing we need to do is to be very careful to stay away from these prophets and their churches, because they’re very convincing and very influential even in governments. Some even claim government officials consult them before a particular policy is implemented.

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