How To Attain True Freedom

How To Attain True  Freedom


True freedom is not external,it is that one.


 Many great men and kingdoms came with all kinds of tantalizing hopes to give men freedom but all was a farce. And it has even compounded men problems the more. Men started looking for some unconventional sources for this freedom. Socialism/communism, democracy and capitalism and even religion have failed to give the answer for this freedom men have been looking for since the beginning of time.


 None is free? I first saw this statement in scripted on a shop we normally buy glossaries from when we were children. This statement has kept me thinking of late because of the immerse suffering I have seen, recently, plaguing humanity. Stemming from the slums of Soweto of South Africa to the slum of New Delhi of India. Naked poverty everywhere. It will shock you to note that people are born on the streets, grow old on the street, and die on the street. No hope for them.some also think that probably  there must be  freedom in poverty.That is why many monks and some religious luminaries will swear an oath of poverty so long as they live. Religious  poverty isn’t  the answer either .You will notice many being plagued with all kinds of diseases, though they longed for a swift remedy for their ailments, yet there are no help in sight. Some engages in all kinds of crimes just to survive,thinking they will have a freedom and yet nothing was in there,the  moment their luck runs out they get killed. It is only few in that environment that  turns out to be successful and good.Kingdoms,political systems and many more claim to give human freedom have failed  to materialized.They rather send their young men to die in a useless wars in the hope of attaining freedoms that  in the first place isn’t there. We some time  think that those who are dead are the ones free, so then people try committing suicide thinking that it will free them from the vicissitudes of life they have strangled themselves with but that is a big lie. Some section of humanity also believe that when one is rich, it qualifies one to be free.It is true that they may be free from some monetary wants but that is not true freedom; that one too missed the mark. Because many gets riches and think that they will be happy, and then later finds out that they are hated everywhere just because they are rich and not doing some thing right that will bring them that freedom.Whilst the poor who has nothing to hope for, and yet doing something right leads him to have his peace of mind and freedom. Religion couldn’t give freedom either let alone jihadist and crusaders blowing themselves apart for the sake of their religion. What is true freedom then and how can one attain this freedom? follow me a let me show you: those with true freedom are the ones free from all worries; They are the ones free from hate. They are the ones free from bitterness and rancor. In all your getting get these freedoms and they will make your life worth living.You may sleep and not be afraid because you have this true freedom.You may be the richest  man or a religious head and not be free from hate, rancor, fear and guilt; these are the prisoners of life.These virtues can not be attained by riches or poverty but humility and wiliness to accept it as a way to achieve true freedom.You may seem to be free yet in bondage,when you refuse to seek the true freedom.True freedom are not gotten from material things.True freedom is not external,it is intrinsic.It is an inside that one.

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