How To Avoid the Fear of Death

The thought of dying sends a lot of chills through the spines of many.
Many people often wonder what will happen to them after death. Some have been told when they do good, they will go to paradise, walking on the street of gold. I wonder what benefit will it be if you only walk on the street of gold if you can’t even scrape a little for your upkeep. Does it make sense? Just walking on the street of gold becomes a motivation to them. This belief of walking on the street of gold was promoted by slavery where they took consolation from preachers at the time that their suffering could be rewarded at death. And those with bad deeds are sure to burn in hellfire like their evil white slave owners. Now,  to these groups, the believers of both sides have an interesting posture. One loves to die so he can attain the paradise, and the other doesn’t want to die so he goes into hellfire.
Let me show you some logic. life itself is in three stages: NOTHING, LIFE, AND NOTHINGNESS. The two ‘nothingness’ is eternal; forever. And ‘Life’ is just a speck and just a moment. You came from nothingness. You weren’t conscious before you were born, neither will you be conscious after death. The only place you are conscious of life is on this earth, and not anywhere else. Just enjoy it. Avoid anything that makes you sad. Be happy. If your husband or wife is becoming a pain in the neck, divorce him or her. Don’t die before your time. Your life is too precious to wallow in pain and unnecessary hurts. Many billions tried coming to this world but they couldn’t. Some were aborted; some died in the womb; some died at birth and so many childhood killer diseases despite our failing health institutions but you made it.
So play, enjoy it, and be happy. If you are not happy with something in your life right now, change it. The only thing you have now, is life, make good use of it. It is a privilege to be human. Just love it despite its challenges. If you die today, you have done your bidding.

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