How To Change Your Life For Ever With The Dovian lifestyle

How To Change Your Life For Ever With The Dovian lifestyle


This   principle will not change over time


Most humans are so wicked and have no sympathy for anyone but only for themselves. No  matter how hard you try in pleasing them,they will never be grateful.Greediness has taken greater part of them and they will do everything possible to hurt you so long us their interest are involve.Today’s rendition is to give you certain  principles that will save you from all evil men,if and when you  apply it judiciously to the later.

This principle will help you survive hardship, envy form yourself and that from others,hate,poverty and bad thoughts.These principle is gleaned from the dove.The dove is  a bird worth studying. Isn’t it amazing that this bird had being mentioned by some religious leaders in their teachings and even some had used it as a symbol of a deity.Our Lord Jesus the Christ had an admiration for it and used it in his teachings .So I find so interesting that I bring my findings to you, how this bird live its life and how it survives its enemies, and how we can learn from this being.It’s a principle that will make you stand out of the crowd,it will make you stand against your enemies within and without.I call it the Dovian lifestyle or the Dovian Principle.

It’s  An  Innocent  Bird


Doves are very innocent. If you bring them to trial you wont find any anything on them that will implicate them.These birds  do not destroy crops as other birds do.In all your dealings either in business or in friendship in relation to trust issues or breaking of any law never be found wanting.If you are brought to the scale of justice,let them say,”we have nothing against him.”Establish your reputation as honest and truthful person even when men are not being truthful to you.Honesty and truthfulness are the hall mark of the innocent.Innocent means someone without blemish when he  is on  trial.

Doves  Are Hygienic


About  90% of all the sickness we encounter are due to dirt.We must be clean in our homes,we must be clean with our bodies.Everybody loves cleanliness but not everybody can maintain it.This  principle will not change over time.Look, everybody loves clean people,so it is natural that every body gravitate toward person who are clean.Learn these facts from the dove to change certain habits about your unhygienic nature that is not serving you.


They  Take  Threats  Seriously  Into  Account


When I was a child ,I once had an encounter with some doves in our house.I realized that during  the night the two of them would come and perch on our mango tree.The first time I saw them I got excited. I wanted to use them as a pet so I could put them in a cage.So I got there at night,trying to lay my hands on them to that effect.When I first saw them sleeping,I got so excited that I was impatient.I wanted to catch the two together by so doing I missed them and they flew away that night, wondering how they could do that.The following night I came again this time they had shifted their perching place but a little distant from where they were previously.I made another move,a gain trying to catch the two together.They flew again.I came there the third night determining to concentrate on only one this time.I came there and they were gone..I never saw them again.Many in their lives have seen threats and never bothered to wait and to eliminate them but waited till things got out of control.The doves recognized that their lives were in danger and therefore need to something drastic to save their lives.This mentality should be in you.If you are in any situation and that seems to suggest that you are becoming an endangered specie;change your location; change your styles;change your friends.

They  are  Healthy  and  Fit-Do  not  Eat  Any  How


You cannot achieve anything worthwhile,if you are sick.You must be healthy at all cost.”If your enemies will defeat you,it only when you are sick”-An African(Akan) proverb.I have observed that many people become poor not because they like spending but their resolve to heal their sickness make them poor.Do anything possible to maintain your healthy nature till you are no more.Doves are healthy and do not eat any how.I have seen youth who work so hard,but in the bid to entertain themselves lead them into acquiring more disease which will eventually show up in the near future as result of over drinking of alcohol and smoking.

They  Have  no  Fear  of  Anybody


You see doves,in the cities likes coming so close to humans as compered to other birds.The only beds in world that do not fear humans are doves.


Doves are very friendly

They have no natural enemies

They are always crowded together

The oldest domesticated bird-they were tamed

They are prolific…..breeding all year around


So just follow this lifestyle of the doves, and you will be grateful you did.The good books always admonishes us to learn from nature;how it works so we can apply ourselves to it.Thank you for being with me on this one too.


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