How To Defeat Alcohol Addiction :A Revolutionary Way To Free Yourself From Alcoholism

How To Defeat Alcohol Addiction :A Revolutionary Way To Free Yourself From Alcoholism

There is no difference between a madman and a drunken man except that madman’s ailment lasts longer……Seneca.

The latest available data places the number of people who self-report being heavy drinkers at 6.8% of the population in the US or estimated 17.1million people. More than half of all Americans aged 12 or older report that they’re current drinkers. In the latest national survey, 51.9% of those surveyed said they were current drinkers, or an estimate 130.6million people. Alcoholism is said to run in families and vast amount of scientific research indicates that genetics play a role in developing alcoholic problems. But research also shows that a person environment and peers influences, also impact the risk of becoming alcohol dependent.

Negative Effects Of Alcohol


A government report from the UK has found that, “there were 8,724-9000 alcohol related deaths in 2007 and 2009.”I believe in 2014 the toll will be a little bit higher. In the US a report from 2001-2005, there are approximately 79,000 deaths annually attributes to excessive alcohol use.



Alcohol consumption impairs brain development. Causes:

*Brain shrinkage *Dementia and cognition problems*Insomnia*depression
Other serious problems caused by alcoholism:

*Heart Damage*High blood pressure*Liver disease*Cancers and ulcers of the digestive system*Reduced Fertility* increased risk of breast cancer*High suicide rate.

Short Term Effect


*Judgement and movement impairment*unstable emotions*feeling sleepy and labored breathing*unable to remember events*loss of bladder control*slurred speech*Reflexes slowed.

Alcoholism reminds us of the terrible plight men have entangled themselves with. Alcohol is a man-made products, and so we have the power to do away with it and its addictions. Alcoholism put as into a state of distress for nothing. You  know that drunkards cannot keep secret, so when you get drunk and you later find yourself in jail, then you should know what alcoholism has led you into.Attila the Hun, died in his sleep .He was dead drunk and he bled profusely from the nose. I believe an army general and great leader like Attila, who during his days was terrorizing Europe, shouldn’t drink that much.

How To Stop Drinking


From ages, we all know how alcohol has put to a sunder families, has caused untold pains and so forth. Many people have wondered how can they win or wane themselves from these disgraceful addictions . I have seen people who have struggled for years, looking for solutions to this problem but they couldn’t find one until their deaths. They failed because they could not defeat their only demon-alcohol. To be hooked up to alcohol is not a joke, and just like any habit, it is acquired. How do we stop this DRINKING habit? Let us look at some points below.Make sure you take every point below to heart, meditate on it day in and day out, and I’m sure you will be surprise with the results.

You Must Develop The Will To Stop It


Alexander the great once said, “I have conquered nations but I couldn’t conquer myself”. Alexander couldn’t conquer himself because he did not concentrate on himself, he neglected the most important aspect of his life. Working on yourself to achieve your peace of mind and tangible success is one of the most important achievements any man can attain. It gives us  clear understanding that conquering oneself is the most difficult part of life, but to conquer oneself is also very rewarding .What you do with your character in private becomes a public show and, Tiger Woods can testify to that. No matter how you hide them, it will one day show up for everybody to see .You will have to work on yourself 24 /7.The human being can be anything he wants to be if he only has the spirit of determination .You must resolve to stop drinking and take this issue up very seriously, because it is life and death issue. It should be non-negotiable.It is your life and you should spearhead its determination to get rid of this life style you’re wallowing in, once and for all.You love your life, and your determined to live long in health, and so never allow anything to step in the way. You’re so powerful beyond description that you might not need any psychologist to direct you as to what to do. You are your own healer. The psychologist needs you to help you. If you decide otherwise, no psychologist of great repute can help you. Be determined and face your demon. Not tomorrow or next year, but it should be now! Start now! During the medieval times, Alexander the Great, once attacked The British Isles. When he got to the shores he ordered all his men to burn the ships and after they did that, he told them “if you don’t win this war, we won’t leave this island”, and they did win. Tell yourself, “I have to win at all cost and therefore there is no turning back”, Just be determined and you will smell victory in the air.

Stay Away From Friends Who Are Alcoholics


One of the easiest way to stop drinking is to stay away from friends you go out with and engaged in the drinking act. I spoke to one former addict, who told me that one of his breakthrough of being able to defeat alcoholism was to quit being friends with his friends who are seriously engaged in it. He had to form a new circle of friends who can commensurate with his new found character. You have to clear off all your friends who are likely to lead you back into your old life. Get new friends who don’t entertain alcohol, and who can check more on you. Get closer to them.

Stay Away From Trigger Environment


You know from Adam, that any time you go to certain places like parties, funerals, school reunion etc., triggers your want for alcohol in huge chunk. Just be more aware of such places and stay away from them. If you go to functions and you know it will trigger something, leave early.Your mini bar in your house of which all kind of alcoholic drinks are found should be done away with it immediately.Make sure nothing of alcohol should be found in sight including pictures etc

Visit Hospitals And See For Yourself How People Are Struggling With Alcohol.


We always find our soul when we go to places that makes us sober and sad .Such places are hospitals, funeral grounds, cemeteries etc. They help us to slow down and think through our lives. When you see cancer, mentally derailed or  blind patients whose current conditions had risen as a result of alcohol, will make you to rethink your life style and make you more determined to put a stop to it.Never forget to go with your children too, they might learn something valuable which will create an inedible impression of how destructive alcohol can be.

Visit And Join Groups That Are Committed In Helping People Fight Against Alcoholism


There are loads of NGO’s springing all over the world which specializes in conquering and helping people fight alcoholic ADDICTION. You will meet people who have been able to overcome their addiction through various circumstances. It will do you more good and further your fighting  process by listening to their stories and how they overcame their addiction triumphantly.

Some Facts To Consider


But the fact that genetics plays a role in a person’s drinking habit does not mean the sufferer is doomed to alcoholism. I believe victims must take precautions to completely stay away from alcoholic environments. Abusive children are also prone to alcoholism, so we must watch and be careful how we treat our children, and how we allow people into their lives. We should screen strangers and make sure they don’t have criminal records, so that these strangers including teachers and some pastors, don’t   introduce our children into alcoholism. If we get the treatment of our children in a right manner, providing them the right environment in the home, then we can be assured that we can cut alcoholism among  children by 70%.We shouldn’t  forget that as our children grow they want experiment, we should take our time to explain the negative effects of alcohol from the home to them before they even meet it outside the home.




To be honest with you, fighting alcohol addiction is not a joke. Some can easily stop it by their own share will, and with others, they need people to help them by keeping track of them. Some too will take some months before they will be completely free of alcohol. Whatever the length of the days may be, the most important issue here is that you have started and are going somewhere.You really need to be determined to fight this demon or else it destroys you;like it has done to many people gone before you. Those of you too who are blaming your genes for the cause of your alcoholic problems should listen carefully , you still have a huge responsibility to quit ,your genes can affect you to some extent but the greater responsibility lies with you to quit. The genes only have minute effect on you but the greater responsibilities lies with you to quit. Your will is greater than the disposition of your genes,so quit now!! And save your soul.


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