True success lies in finding your talents and abilities,working on it and managing the  success that
comes with it without allowing it trappings to dissuade you from your original goal.

Do you know why  within the last hundred years, humans have made so much progress beyond every generation expectations that preceded it?In the past, what queens and kings, Philosophers ,alchemist ,sorcerers, witches ,astronomers and wise men  wished to see,dreamed of  and tried to achieve without success  have been made possible in our time and even take them FOR GRANTED.Look at this: We USE ONLY a speed of light in sending information all over the world. You can be in your room and the whole world will be at your beck and call; waiting to hear from you. You can travel thousands of miles within minutes.We have nice medical care, even if it is not the best. The pharaohs and the Caesars with all their aggrandizement could not get the medical care we have to day.We have MADE GREAT strides in every facet of human life;from medicine/the sciences, militarily to archeology. We have made weapons that could decimate the whole earth in seconds, courtesy NUKES. How are all these possible within hundred years? The answer comes from a situation where an individual is giving the right environment and opportunity TO DISCOVER, HONE, EXPOSE AND MANAGE his talent in the service of humanity. In the past, people are killed, molested and excommunicated just because they spoke their minds on certain subjects of importance. People who talked of reforms in relation to a particular norm in that society  were  severely dealt with. Societies where there are lot of repression and despotism, you will realized that there are no development. America is a great nation and will continue to be great because it is a free society.In America you can speak your mind and nobody will dare lay a finger on you.In America you can be whatever you want to be if you are prepared to pay the price. Such environments encourage rapid human growth and technological advancement. In such a civic society, everybody contributes to national development without any hindrance, and also human beings are valued and not seen as a necessary evil that must to be ‘trim’ down to its  lowest level. America will be the only nation on earth that will maintain its supremacy for a long time than any nation that preceded her.America is a great nation because it is economically free and gives liberty to all who want to use their gift in the service to humanity.Until a nation is economically free and takes human rights seriously like America and in some Western societies, its citizens will still be in bondage and such society cannot be considered  a free society.Does it necessarily mean that if you’re not in America then you can’t achieve anything? Far from that,you can be under the most repressive regimes ever in your country and yet you can do far more than those under free society.In that repressive society you will have to do more than those of less repressive ones.More importantly, you can achieve more if you have  certain level of freedom as pertain in America and some Western societies. Let me not veer off from the main topic. You see, you have so much on offer. You have something in you yet to manifest. You contain seeds of new ideas of doing things better of which the world has no knowledge of. You are some one’s hope of redemption don’t mess up.For this reason,you will have to take this topic very seriously so that you can contribute something to the world be for you join your ancestors. Many had gone ahead of us and had done great things, and had left  indelible marks on our world today.Those who did this great job  took their gifts and talents development seriously. There are four complete stages by which one can develop his talent to the fullest.


One of the reasons why people die and leave this earth and not contributing anything, is their inability in finding what their talents was. Finding your talent is fairly a difficult venture, and a huge one.When you find it too you need to commit huge resources to nurture it .The main idea of going to school or learning a trade is to develop the gifts and abilities within you. By going to school or learning a trade, it gives us the ample time and opportunity to discover what we’ve got and what is embedded in us. Education in Latin is called EDUCO which means to bring out what is in you or to bring it to refinement of what you‘ve got. Michael Jackson, founded his own, and worked on it, and he became a global Icon. Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Nicola Tesla, Bill Gate, Steve Jobs etc. All these great men , have one thing in common and that is, they founded something they loved or have passion for(their abilities and talents), and worked on it despite strong opposition, until they made it. You can discover your true calling by the following:
-Friends, families and acquaintances can give you some hints about what your calling is.
-Let say, you’re giving the platform to talk to the whole world in an hour, what are you going to talk about?
-Reading can help you find what your love for something is. The advice here is that read anything and everything on every subject you find. Read from zoology to archaeology. Read much and a lot more. As you read, you will realize that there are some topics or subjects you may like very much. Explore more on those topics, and that is where you will find your passion.What do you want to see people become? Entertained? Do you want to see them motivated? Do you want their standard of living improved by better governance? Do you want to see people getting better medically or you have so much passion for the preservation of the environment. These passions can lead you to what you’ve been dreaming of all along. It is useless and counterproductive to operate in areas you have no interest in.How do you know you have interest in something? If you always do something out of love for that thing. If you’re not paid for it, you still don’t care. When you get engaged in it, it seems time does not to matter. You’re engrossed so much that when time is flying you don’t see it.The answers you give to these questions will give you some hints to your calling.


Expert say that in other to fully develop your talents and abilities you must have practiced 10,000 hours. Proximately 4hours a day up to ten years. In Music, for you attain world a class level, it will take you between 15-25 years of practice. YOU MUST NOT BE A HALF BAKED TALENTED PERSON.JUST TAKE YOUR TIME AND DEVELOP FULLY. The temptation of wanting to be famous  too early and be seen by all and sundry  can be very  dangerous and a threat to your talents. Serena Williams, the Tennis Ball player practiced 8 hours a day, Tiger woods and others practiced long hours a day. The world hates amateurs, they don’t like people who don’t know what they are about. The world will pay you well for your excellent work.So take your time and fully develop it,don’t rush .


And after your talents and abilities have been nurtured you then need an opportunity or platform to exhibit it. As you exhibit it, and you go about your duties, you need to be recognized and accepted. At this stage, many lose their patient and give up so soon, and resigned back to their old shells because nobody is recognizing what they’ve spend years of nurturing. At this stage you should never give up and assess your modus operandi and see whether there are some changes you need to make. At this stage, individuals who aren’t so lucky became famous posthumously. They die without enjoying or seeing their success. Let us look at one great guy I admire so much whose works were not appreciated and recognized during his life time.He got recognized after his death so many years after. In your case it shouldn’t be so, for you will have to fight until you get  recognized. His name was Doménikos Theotokópoulos, better known as El Greco due to his Greek background, was a painter, architect, and sculptor during the Spanish Renaissance who was born in 1541. He also studied the Classics and created his own library of 130 books. He moved to Rome in 1570 and opened a workshop in hopes of allowing his artistic career to flourish and lived within the artistic community. He eventually moved to Venice and began painting religious subjects, often focusing on elongated features and figures. He did this in hopes of leaving his own mark in history, using a new and original style for himself. El Greco continued to travel and create, but soon lost his place in society after lacking the king’s favor. In 1614 he died after falling ill.During his time, El Greco’s work was ignored, pushed to the side, and often criticized, simply because it was different. His expressionistic and dramatic style was not what people were used to, and his paintings were not appreciated much at all. In fact, many during his time called his work “ridiculous” and “worthy of scorn.” Even after his death, he was also scorned, as many saw his work as being too confusing and incomprehensible. However, when the 20th century came, his works was, and still is, highly appreciated. He is seen as a painter who was ahead of his time, using modern techniques as well as those from the contemporary realm. In essence, many don’t believe he fits into just one school of art; instead he seemed to create his own.


After discovering your talent, honing it and getting the exposure you need, there is one thing that you need to do to crown the  success you have attained.You must manage your success so as to finish well. As you work on your calling and you must also work yourself.Work on your loop holes and your character flaws such as some little misbehavior that bedevils you,drinking, smoking, Casanova, haphazard spending, dishonesty ,peddling lies and falsehoods. You need to deal with them all before you rise to prominence and manage them in such away that they won’t turn back and destroy all the success you’ve got. Work on yourself more than you work on your job………..You may  be the greatest scientist of all time but if you a thief, a cheat, adulterous etc you won’t go far. You will be disgraced and lose your status.Martin Luther King, the civil right advocate though a pastor but had problem with women.
Don king and Mike Tyson have  problems with spending and till this day they have nothing to show for it. Though the two had raked in of over a billion dollars.

Let me talk a little about Passion. Passion can’t be used as a gauge for what your calling might be. Why? Because passion changes with time. For instant, you’ve had experiences where you fell in love with this woman, and you had so much passion for her but later you don’t feel that initial energy you once had for her; that strong like isn’t there anymore. You initially love a particular profession, you got into it and you lost interest over time. Maybe because your expectation was not met as compared to what motivated you into it in the first place? All what I’m trying to tell you here is that, you will have to love what you’re doing beyond passion. If you work on your talent very well, you will never regret it.Those who did the shoddy works had some initial success but they were lost to  oblivion forever and they regretted  later because they did not work on their calling to the fullest. The scripture says,” look at a man who has worked on his giftings, he shall not stand before obscure men but noble men”. I don’t know but,5 years, 10 years,and 15 years from now,some of you reading today’s rendition will be famous if not already,will be great if not already and will be all what nature has permitted you to be if not already because you’re  determined to discover your talent,hone it,sell what you’ve got and then manage the success that comes with it. Thank you.

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