How To Find Your Dream Job

How To Find Your Dream Job



Work harder on yourself than you do on your job- Jim Rohn

Sharing applications from one company to another is no longer working.Employers are getting tired of handling huge applications that flows in, when they put in an offer for jobs.How can you be seen and be employed when you and other thirty thousand applicants apply for only one job.Even if your CV is good and you have much experience,you will still not be seen because employers cannot go through all the twenty thousand applications.Now there is some thing else you will have to do to land your dream job since this normal process isn’t working.



Find a good HR company that are good in finding jobs for their clients.You may ask how can I know this HR company is genuine ,and can find me a job? Well,I Can tell you point blank that no HR campy can guarantee you a job.But you stand a better chance of getting a job when you register with the genuine ones.When you register,don’t go home and sleep and think that you’re already there.Develop a very good relationship with the agency, and visit them regularly .Any time a role comes up they will remember you and push you some where.



There are a lot of people who have lost great opportunities just because the jobs offered them were not in their fields of interest.Yes there are a lot of danger in switching professions but it should be done only on the basis of your passion.You not being in your professional field indicate that you’ve really not settled down.What can you do when you’re in the house three years searching for job you can’t have.Taking that job opens up a whole world of new knowledge and experience you never thought you could have.That profession can be your profession for life.Remember that there are great joy in holding on what you have, and searching for things you don’t have.



It some times baffles me and in fact, I have also been a culprit in the past.I say to you for the first 5 years after school,work for free in your chosen fields.Do everything possible to learn everything you must know about the job.If you get the connections, and you  get the right job, good for you.You may ask,”working for free? “yes work for free.But of course the employer will give you something.Work so hard that the employer will not be able to do anything without you, and he will give you an offer.But don’t say,”he doesn’t pay me so I will pretend to work.Work,work,work and the universe will come to your aid.Don’t say he doesn’t pay me so I will cheat the employer.Infinity thinkers never cheat, and they always think a head and the consequences thereof .They are fully aware that cheating someone is a way of cheating themselves.



In all my life I have seen and heard that some professionals take more pay than some sitting presidents of a republic.They enjoy wealth than any body can imagine.Do you know that the CEO of Barclays, Bank get more pay (annual salary of £1.1m) than prime minister Cameron of the UK whose annual salary amount to (£142,000 including £65,000 MP’s salary) just because of experience?Experience is the thing.Many people don’t get good jobs because the experience they have is non or too little.Get the experience.Job owners no longer want train anybody a gain because they train them, then they are poached by others.So they want experience personnel to handle the positions.Do anything within your powers to get the experience.



Networking is one of the most important element for successful living.You cannot go very far in life if you don’t have strong networking entourage backing you.There is this saying that,where you will be in ten years time, will depend on the kind of books you read and the kinds of friends you make.Take this networking issue very seriously.Target people who are highly professionals ,business men,intellectuals etc.Where can you find them? Join professional clubs, active Social clubs.You should be very strategic in your dealings and you will never find yourself jobless.If you feel so shy in getting close to these professionals ask to volunteer for any of the positions.Asked them questions about their interest.Every successful person is a talkative, and will like to share his experiences.If you position yourself very well you will gain so much, and it will bond the relationship which will lead it to a higher level.


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