How To Leave A toxic Relationship

How To Leave A toxic Relationship


        For it is better to be single than to be in a relationship that is leading you nowhere


It is so painful when a long tenure relationship is on the verge of collapse or got broken. The wasted years, the frustrations, the hurts and the wasted resources make it an unforgettable venture. Many ladies have resulted to ‘Gorilla tactics’ just to pay back all the bad things some else did to them. Many times, good people are hurt in the process. The number one sign that you will be hurt eventually is distrust. The better you learn from it quickly and then quit, the better.



Trust is like a fuel that runs a vehicle. No matter how good the condition of the car is, if there is no fuel, the car will not move. If you cannot trust your guy to the maximum, start preparing for exit. He has cheated on you several times and you forgave him. Hoping he will change but still you don’t see any change in sight. He always gives you the reasons not to trust him. You’re still with him because you’re emotionally attached to him so much that you can’t leave him. He verbally and physically abuses you and you still ran to him. Your gut feeling and intuition are giving you all the signs that your guy will ditch you someday but you will not batch. You sometimes think, there are no good guys out there and you continue to sing this maxim,” The devil, you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.” And that you prefer in staying in the toxic relationship because you can’t possibly leave him, you feel guilty of leaving him.
Listen, it means you have a problem of low self-esteem. If you really love yourself, then better quit. For it is better to be single than to be in a relationship that is leading you nowhere. Psyche yourself up and say to yourself, “I deserve better and more than what I’m in now”
An advice to quit toxic relationships is easier said than done because you’re either addicted to the abuse or you’re afraid to step out. Simple, see a counselor you can REALLY trust or psychologist to help you psyche you so you can better see your current status, and why you deserve the best in life. Don’t keep things to yourself when things are boggling you down, a problem shared, is a problem halved solved. Find someone you trust and share your problems to him, it’s helpful.


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