How To Live a Problem Free Life This Year

How To Live a Problem Free Life This Year


We all have been fighting with something  in the pasts years and this year too will be no different.To Some their problem is addiction.And to some, certain behaviours that they wished gone and had become like chronic disease that isn’t going. You will have to find away to defeat this problem so you can live a fruitful life this year.

These are the four ways to fight your demon.

1.You Must Come to a Realization That You Have a Problem and the Extent of It Is Having A toll On You.

Denying that a problem  exist and therefore its having a toll on you is the most horrible evil one can do to himself. Only madness will course someone to hurt himself ignorantly or knowingly when he can help himself out. Madness is when help is at hand and yet one refuses to get help.

The beginning of a solution to every problem is diagnosing the causes of the issue at hand. You knowing where the problem comes from and hurting you gives you a better leverage over the problem. The greatest ills that we find among people is that they think they have no weaknesses and that consider themselves as no wrong persons and perfect in all things and yet their weaknesses is so glaring and its showing all over around them. Yet they refuse to acknowledge it. If you are in such a situation, then let me you tell this: Men are interesting creatures and have strange taste, the perfect person on earth may be a nuisance to some people and the most ruthless person may be loved by some persons who finds no wrong in their doings. Be flexible in your thinking and be free and accept criticism. Find out where your greatest weaknesses lies, accept that they are there and then work towards it to elimination. Accepting that they are there alone is a problem halved solved. Horatio Nelson was the most famous admiral of the Napoleonic Wars who has been celebrated ever since as the greatest sea warrior in British history. Although a small and sickly child, Nelson went to sea when he was just 12 years old. Despite persistent seasickness, his career flourished as he moved from ship to ship in the East Indies and the Caribbean, showing a flair for naval strategy. He became one of the youngest ever captains in the Royal Navy. He suffered many illnesses on his voyages but always wanted to return to sea. Less

In San Juan, in 1780, Nelson suffered from dysentery, yellow fever and food poisoning all at once. The food poisoning had come from drinking water into which the fruit of the Manchineel tree had fallen. The fruit looks like a small apple and has a sweet smell and a pleasant taste, but can be deadly. On returning to Britain Nelson, almost without use of his limbs, insisted on being carried immediately to the admiralty to apply for another ship. He told one of his relations, “this they readily promised me thinking it not possible for me to live”. Yet Nelson acknowledged and managed his weaknesses to many victories. You might have detected some weaknesses that is really weakening you, which makes you lose hope in doing your vocation, just throw it over board and acknowledge and manage it in such a way that it will not affect your effectiveness just as Horation Nelson did.

  1. You Must Also Know The Extent Of Using Your Powers To Influence Your Identified Flaws.

There are some deep rooted character flaws that need more than just a mere will power to conquer. You must know the energy or the strength at your disposal before you even try fighting it. You will have to examine how far you can go with this fight so as for you to prepare very well. These are the reasons why so many loses the fight to certain addictions and lifestyles. They are lied to most of the time that they can overcome it within some reasonable time, but when it doesn’t happen that way, and it takes too long, then apathy and frustrations starts to set in. Deep rooted problems (weaknesses) need immense resources, patience and staying power to uproot them. You did not take a day to get to where you have gotten and so you need some time to uproot that flaws ones and for all.

  1. Assess and Separate the deep rooted Flaws and weaknesses from the ones you can easily deal with.

Many a time we tend to mix deasily do away with and even treat them as equalst in.doesnt why so youd they refuse to acknowledgethe deep rooted issues with the ones that can easily be done away with, and even treat them as equals, and therefore give them the same attention. It shouldn’t be so. Deep rooted problems need more time, and special attention, and gut to be dealt with. Separate the more serious flaws and weaknesses that are likely to destabilise you, and devote more resource to it. But be very careful, you will have to look and keep watching the small weaknesses or flaws too, for they can become bigger. Probably, being lazy wouldn’t cost you much or being unforgiving wouldn’t create much problems apparently (but likely to be threatening in the future), but if your dirty lies and procrastinations are giving you away, stop everything, and devote your strength in eliminating those weaknesses. Must we always wait for flaws to escalate and being threatening before we do something about it? No. If one wait till the problem becomes bigger, it eliminations become problematic and it became very difficult to eliminate or manage. It consumes time, and resources and the bad side of it all, is when it is leading to death of the person or will cause some debilitating diseases, where nothing can be done about it. I have observe a lot of people during exercise: most of the trainees that are seen on road all the time or one time, are doing it because of fear and not love of it. Probably, their health is failing so they have been told to exercise or they die in the process. And so out of fear they go and exercise without having any plan at all. They wait till they near death before they want to do something. They lose chunk of the years eating rubbish and drinking rubbish, and not even thinking of the implication it will have on their health. And yet when death threatens them they want to do something quickly to reverse it. Some goes on to take magic pills that will do them no good and even make the whole situations worse. You can’t take one rigorous exercise and some one lifestyle change to eliminate a forty year stronghold and its adverse effect on your life. It must be reversed gradually, and it may take many years to correct it. That is why you must not wait to get into that situation. The moment you realise that a weakness have appeared in your life, go straight and eliminate it quickly, but when it happens that you did not notice it from the beginning, and it becomes bigger, don’t waste time ,devote your everything to it until it is eliminated completely. Time to time you must examine yourself to make sure you’re not sitting on a time bomb. In every situation you find yourself you still have that power to make your attitude count. Victor E .Frakl said,” There may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”.

  1. Manage It

Not all problems have solutions. Those that have no solutions, you manage them in such a way that they won’t get in the way of your ambitions. If you can’t eliminate the weakness, manage it in such a way to not affect your overall performance. The genes and the environment do have effects on our character and a behavior but they are minute unless we allow it to take greater chunk of our lives. They have the capacity to change your character and then determine your life direction. The environment has greater influence as well as the genes in your existence. In the movie, the beautiful mind, John Nash, the propounder of the game theory; a Nobel laureate, was found of being plagued by some mental imbalances and hallucinations. He battled with these hallucinations for years. He hears voices and sees imaginary beings which makes him think that the Soviet Union will attack America at some point in time. Doctors tried all they could to help but there was no remedy for John Nash’s ailment. John later understood that these imaginary beings and his ailment aren’t going, so he accepted that fact that he would live with them for the rest of his life. So even  when he hears  voices or these  imaginary beings   beckoning him to come, he doesn’t mind them but he goes about minding  his own business, though his problems remains but he manages it and lives with it without allowing it to affect his performance and his existence.


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