How To Make A long Distance Relationship Work


Long distance relationship is hard work, I must tell you


Many relationships are in shambles and in taters because it is just being operated in a long distance form. To be honest with you, long distance relationships are painful and very hard to engage in if one is not ready to be patient in the long run, and if one is not ready to sacrifice his or her all, to make it work. Long distance relationships demand patient, perseverance and trust. Long distance relationship can be very beneficial and fulfilling because it tests the love and strengthens it eventually. Absence strengthens love but could crumple if commitments on both sides are low. It is refreshing when after a long while you see your love one again. It is so refreshing and life saving, like being given a cold water in the middle of the hot Sahara desert. One negative aspect of long distance relationship is that it could crumple in no time if care is not taken to address issues and concerns being raised by the lovers.

Long distance test the trust and seriousness of the lovers. How then do we fully benefit from long distance relationship, if we happen to be in one either by choice or by accident?



Trust is everything in a relationship. Without trust you might think your partner who probably unable to pick your calls at a particular time is sleeping around. Or your partner unable to sound well on the phone or respond well to your gestures may signal losing of an interest. But in reality that may not be so and that may cause some cracks in the relationship. Trust is the fuel that propels long distance relationship to a foreseeable future. Without that the relationship will rot and die. Each individual in the relationship should never do anything that will rise the suspicion of lack of love or cheating, thus create unnecessary distrust and tension. Speak the truth to each other at all times. If you have no trust in your partner let him go. There must be absolute trust and nothing else. If any doubts still lingers, try and talk to your partner about it so that such issues will be amicably solved as quickly as possible.



Communication must very frequent in long distances. It can be through emails, phone calls, talking on Skype. It should be everyday if possible. If it is not possible, probably there is no light or internet access or a mobile phone receptions. You should let your partner know in advance so he will not be thinking otherwise, and any slightest opportunity you get call and let your partner know you are doing fine. Good Relationships don’t come by luck but by hard be ready to do your bidden. Long distance relationship is hard work, I must tell you. As plant dies for luck of water, so is good Relationship dies for lack communication. Communication is one of the elements that shed good water to budding relationship. Strong communication brings you more closely even when you are far away.

Have  Your  Partner’s  Pictures  with  You  Always


You should have her picture always in your bed room or placed into places you can see her picture regularly especially in your wallet or your dressing mirror or even on your phone, in your office or in your car. Some may think this idea is archaic, but it works.


Think  About  Your  Partner  Always


Always think about your partner. She should be in your mind 24/7.If you see any one you admire and therefore wants to drift to someone else. Shift your mind quickly back to your lover. Make sure she occupies your mind every day.


Avoid  Situations  That  Will  Make  You  Meet  Other  Equally Capable  Partners


You love him and so you want to be faithful that is why you gave your partner your word and you have promised her of your love. You should fulfill that obligations without any question. Stay away from places that will let your mind change to somewhere else. She is your priority now and it should remain so.

Visit  Regularly  If  Possible


If you are in the same region, state or a country probably you are working on some project, let a visit be something of a regular thing .The visit should be regular. If you are outside the country…and you on military missions that is understandable but whatever the situation, long distance relationship shouldn’t take too long in visiting .Such long absence may stifle the relationship to death.



No doubt, long distance relationship is very difficult but if handled well, could be one of the most fulfilling relationship for you ever. Those who have been able to handle it well have found themselves a very faithful spouse and a very beautiful relationship that they could not have gotten it anywhere. Follow these precepts above, and you will be happy you did.


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