How to Make Your Own Luck

How to Make Your Own Luck

 Infinity thinkers do not accept a philosophy of making wealth through destiny.They believe that wealth and success are achieved by choice and choice only.

A few weeks back I was just walking with a colleague in a plush and rich community some where in Africa. One question that continuously emanated from him was: “are these rich people luckier than me?” He works so hard and yet he barely makes enough money as he deserves. I hated every comment he made because they seemed negative, and didn’t reflect someone who was willing to make his own luck.

Most of the great men of antiquity who discovered great fortunes were all men that made their own luck. Look at Christopher Columbus, who went on a voyage he had never embarked on before and yet made discoveries far beyond the expectations of his generation. He had qualities that experts of his generation did not have.That quality was his willingness and his ability to be a trail blazer. Some people seem so luckier than others: they have intelligence, everything they touch turns to gold, they have good health, they have connections in high places, they live in better houses, drive better cars, whiles others have the opposites of all these.Is it hard work or are there some secrets that these successful people have kept from public view or is destiny the cause of their success? Infinity thinkers, do not put their trust and believe in destiny; we cannot abdicate our responsibility for the sake of fate. In this piece, we will break this enigma code so you can also be like these great men.



Every successful person in any endeavor operated in a certain sphere that was special and unique. They found their niche by looking at what they could do best with the resources that they had, and they went ahead and made it.You might be better at doing something but you don’t have the motivation or you know it but you don’t know how to use it for the benefits of others. Find someone who has the capacity to help you.You will have to find a way to make people believe in you and your products so you can get people on board. Christopher Columbus had to convince King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to believe in him though he was inexperienced in voyages. He proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he would not waste their resources when he was supported.This should be a lesson for us all to emulate. Do things that will make you happy and have passion about them. Let money making be like a hobby or child’s play, and not like hard work. Find what you can do best, and render a quality service for people in need. If you follow the crowd, you will get what the the crowd gets.You know what, the crowd has nothing to offer.



I once heard story about an event somewhere in West Africa, where an eclipse of the moon was announced and would be taking place on a purported date. A Chinese man came into that country, realized the need for sun shades was huge, quickly went to China, brought in those shades and made a profit of one million dollars within a month and went back to China.This man saw a clear opportunity to make money and he dutifully made use of it.You should always be scanning the environment for opportunities.That is what successful men do.They train their eyes for opportunities.You should be very careful, not all opportunities are good opportunities. Some smaller opportunities block you from getting to the bigger ones.Sense the bigger opportunities and go for them. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the creators of Google then, went to Excite and tried to sell him the search engine for $1 million. Apparently this was a laughable proposal for the then CEO, George Bell. He not only rejected their offer, he also threw an Excite venture capitalist out of his office when he tried to negotiate them down to only $750,000! Today according to forbe’s website, Google is worth $268.45 Billion. Never down play small opportunities, they can become your break through.



Opportunism is an attribute that is frowned upon by many people. Being an opportunist does not mean that you should undercut, backbite people or cheat your way to success.If you do that, you may seem to be cruising on your way to success but it will not last because you will create so many enemies that you will not have the peace of mind to enjoy . Infinity thinkers believe in gaining success through honest, smart and hard work. Any situation you find yourself should be a learning field. Let us look at a story about a man who had lost hope about life, so much that he wanted to die. Upon his decision, he went and slept in an uncompleted building. As he lay on the floor, he saw an ant carrying a big load bigger than its body.The ant continued struggling with this big load, and the man thought to himself, that the ant was too small to carry the load. After a few minutes of struggle, the ant was able to push the huge load into its hole. After the observation, he woke up and said; “there must be a lesson to be learned here, if this small ant had been able to carry this load and never gave up, so can I.”He woke up, dressed up and went out and became a success.So you should also learn from all available sources.



This philosophy is one of the most mystical and secretive of natural laws of the universe, that when followed to the letter will richly reward you.This is not to encourage you to be a workaholic but for you to put every effort into your business and your chosen fields.If you are working for someone and the person doesn’t pay you well, work more.The more you work and don’t get your due, you put this particular law into motion, and when you need help, this law will come to your aid. If you’re running your own business and don’t work more than your workers, your company will collapse. Put more effort into finding ways of doing things better for your employer and the law of increasing returns will reward you.The more you work more for your boss,the more he is forced to depend on you for more of your services.A time will come when he will be forced to pay you well.



You cannot make any meaningful contribution to life if you are not willing to take risks.The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards. But when you become greedy and follow only the bigger rewards and you fail, it can shake the very existence of your foundation.It can make you lose everything you own, even your confidence.That is why when you are taking risks, they should be calculated and well thought out. Many people have gotten themselves into so many problems just because they couldn’t handle risks, so beware of them.



Every successfully person is where he is now because he had streams of networks or someone helped him.You cannot be a winner in this life if you decide to go alone. Lee Kuan Yew, the former leader of Singapore, went to Harvard not only to learn but to create streams of connections and net workings with the future business men of America who later came to invest in Singapore.You must also do the same.Your aim is to connect with people in high places.If you’re in business, know those who are the tycoons and gurus in that field. Let them mentor you.You may gain so much knowledge from them.Join professional clubs, Health clubs and any other club of interest where Professionals and experienced people abound.There are situations where these professionals look so intimidating that you can’t even get close to them.Offer to volunteer in one of their low ranking positions, just do something that will make them notice you. As you serve and you get closer, they will begin to open up certain truths about what you’ve been looking for.



You can not live a real successful life without making mistakes. In fact, mistakes can be real and hidden gems, when well exploited.There was this official working for one of the big companies in the US.This official closed a deal with a client and through that deal his firm lost millions of dollars.This official expected the CEO to fire him but the CEO refused, saying they had exchanged that mistake with wealth. Mistakes are normal so don’t be frightful about mistakes when you make them but learn from them quickly. Another important factor about mistakes is that you would have to learn from other people’s own. Learning from others mistakes is far better and time saving than learning from your own. I will therefore advise you to learn more from people’s mistakes to avoid repeating them yourself. It is far safer that way.Some mistakes are so devastating that you will not live to tell the tale. So for you to be on the safer side, learn from others and you will avoid a lot of heart aches, waste of time and loss of resources.



Let us look at what Arthur Golden said about giving up: “Never give up; for even rivers someday wash dams away”.Things may not be working for you right now, but don’t give up, continue and some day you will make history like Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela, Mary K. Ash and Helen Keller who despite extreme difficulties, overcame and became a success.



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