How To Reduce Stress In Your Own Small Way

     Just work on the now, and let the future speak

Stress is necessary part of life. Little stress is good for living but too much stress can kill you.I have seen countless of people who had gotten diseases including  heart attack,just because they could not control their stress.You can’t do away with  stress but you can manage it in such away that it won’t cause a monumental damage to your health  in the long run. knowing the causes of stress is  the first process of reducing  and managing it.
So, here are some types of stress and some recommendation  in its reduction and its management:

Pressure To Perform


Your superiors had decided to raise  the bar  which is a little beyond your perceived strength and knowledge or where they expected you to perform is an unfamiliar terrain,that alone  can be very daunting and stressful. Being given a quota and they  knowing too well and you also knowing that you really don’t to have the capacity to achieve the purported goal, and if you don’t achieve that target you may lose your job, may cause some stress. Having the right  skills and being experience in your field is the best solution, however, if you have no Idea about the task at hand,it is better to ask for an advice or a special  help from a colleague  to make the task more manageable and less stressful. Break down the task into more manageable parts and delegate some parts that you do not know how to do to some one who really knows the job.Not giving the task to the right  person will even cause you more stress after the outcome.Remember,never forget to learn more about the job so you can save yourself another huge stress in the future.Stop comparing yourself to others.Most of the stress we go through are  completely unnecessary and it is our own doing.You should know that we have our own unique opportunities and giftings and talents.Some can do more than others.Be happy for someone else ‘s success but work hard in your own unique way to achieve your goal.The fact that all your friends are getting married and prospering in their various endeavors , and that you have achieved nothing worth while shouldn’t put much pressure on you.You will surely get to there , just relax and continue working on your goal.

Accumulated Work Load


Leaving little tasks undone for many days can accumulate into huge tasks. Accomplishing such tasks within a giving  dead line can be very challenging and overwhelming. Undone tasks and its fast approaching deadline may be very stressful and you may be seen us incompetent but it may not be your fault. The best solution for this problem is to delegate tasks to other people or if you don’t have anyone to delegate to, then it will be advisable to start coming to work on weekends to clear the backlogs before another week starts. Also when you realize that your work load is more than you can handle,inform your boss to help you get an assistant  or work as quickly as possible in the early stages of the task to have enough time to do the task appropriately and on time. Otherwise, prioritize your tasks and accomplish the most important tasks first, even if that means other tasks will not be completed on time or at all.As a student don’t wait till examination starts  before you go and pick your books and start learning.You will really be  stressed at the amount of topics you will have to cover before the examinations.Try and start your revision very early and it will save you some time and some hard stress.



Conflict is good but allowing it to take your strength and your attention from the most important issues at hand can be very stressful.Conflict reveals cracks and it shows that things are not going well with your organization. Sometimes a conflict with another person or an organization is inevitable. It is normal to have philosophical clash, moral clash or differences in opinion.Other persons of  the organization may  not even like your stand on certain matters . When this happens, the best thing to to do is to step away from the argument and then leave the scene for some minutes and when  the dust settles down then you go back to business.By then everybody will be calm, then you can talk with them to determine the way forward. Getting angry over arguments or some disagreements will never resolve the issues at hand .

Unclear Goals


Today you have a nice goal, by the next day you scrap it and then institute a new goal. You have changed your goals severally;  more than ten times and you continue changing the goals. Confusion and uncertainty of goals are often the causes of stress. The obvious solution is to make your goals so clear and concise .Clearly achieving a goal needs a clear vision. First step to reduce these errors, is for you to determine what you really want out of  life. If you are confused about goal setting get an expert to help you. Try to breakdown tasks into individual steps that are specific, measurable, and achievable. And do not forget to ask for help from someone who can help you.

Trying To Control The Future


Trying to control the future is to try  fight a against a raging tide or storm. Trying to control things that are beyond your control can be very stressful. leaving things they way they are  is the best way to  reduce stress.Do your best to control your part of the ‘deal’ and then leave the rest, and watch it and see how it goes.Look at how patient a farmer is.After he has planted all the seeds, he waits so that it grows.He doesn’t care about issues about its growth.He is just patient.He just rely on the work done in the past which is ploughing the land ,sowing the seeds and driving predators and diseases away from feasting on the crops.The death of  someone can be a good ground for grieving but there is nothing you can do about it but to help the people connected with this impending loss to cope with the grief in some way.Waiting for examination results,trying to predict a game,trying to predict the future of how you’re life is going to end, all these if not manage well could cause massive stress.Leave the future to the future self.Think now and nothing else.Enjoy only the moment and stop thinking about the future.Don’t live your life thinking about how the future will be like.Just work on the now, and let the future speak.

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