How To Start The Year On A Good Note

How To Start The Year On A Good Note

    Goals are good when they are VIBRANT and REALISTIC.

Many individuals have been bogged down by their past failures, with which when every New Year approaches, fear and trepidation set in. They really do not know what to do again. They have tried and tried but to no avail. They see themselves as failures and that nothing will work for them. They have tried and tried but no end in sight of their suffering. They have read all the motivational books. They have gone to all the powerful seminars. They have tried all those technics, and yet they don’t see anything Good insight. But I am here to tell you, that you have neglected   four crucial ingredients you need to reach the success you have always wanted. If you don’t have these four ingredients, you cannot go any far .You will go to all the seminars, read all the books on the shelf of Carnegie’s Hall Library, and you will still be where you are .If you want to start right this year and beyond, then you got to carefully read this piece, take them to heart, and work on it till you see the result you have always wanted. These are principles that sages, kings’, military men, now and of the past have used judiciously and never failed them. I have used them and it has worked, that is why I recommend it to you.


You  Need  A new  Set  Of  Goals.


Goals are good when they are VIBRANT and REALISTIC. Many of our goals are so unrealistic that we cannot achieve them. Goal make the man .I say, realistic goals make the man. This New Year, you must go back IN TIME and then peruse through all the goals you couldn’t achieve over the last years. Diagnose them, and find out whether they have been realistic and achievable at all. How do you know whether your goals you have, are worth the effort? I believe that any goals that are not made on genuine aspirations cannot be said to have worth any effort. And that, the goals must have its roots grounded in one’s gift and talents. If not, then it’s not a good goal. Any goals made on pride, or ego or envy is not a right goal and you’re bound to fail, and even if you win, you won’t have the fulfillment you desire. A goal that has a genuine desire to help others is a good one. Now that you have determine which one is bad and which one is not, you can then make up your mind to seek help that can help you  reset your goals  on the right path.This platform has enough resources to help you do just that. So find a new goal and start working on it assiduously. Find all the things you need to know about the project before you pitch your tent there. It can be book you want to write. You want to go to school. You want to land a job. You want to marry. All these are goals that you must immediately work to achieve the purpose you want.

You  Need  To  Focus.


The fact of the matter is that you won’t have it easy in achieving those cherished goals. Many factors will try to fight your way out of your goal but you must be steadfast and hold onto the goals so strong and stay focuse ,don’t waiver. Factors such as finance will be an issue. Your health can be an issue, geographical location can be a big issue. Your own attitude can also be a risk of you achieving those goals but you must stay focus. You may not clear all the detours on your path, but you can manage it in such way that it won’t punch holes in your goals in the long run.

You  Have  To  Accept  Detours  on  The  Way.


Expect challenges on the way. It won’t be easy,I must tell you.

You will get discouragement along the way, when things don’t go the way you expected it to go. You will wonder whether you are doing the right thing. Calm down and listen. Every great man at some point in time has doubted his abilities, but this shouldn’t be something new to you at all. Accept those shortcomings and learn from it. And then move on. The moment you understand these facts, you will never be a surprise at all, at things that happen to you, and you will never take failures personally again. Accept the detours and move on.

Keep  Persevering  Until  You  Get  It.


Every man who wants to attain power must have this mark of persevering at the back of their heads. You should have personality that do not know when to stop until it gets whatever it wanted. They hate plan B .Plan B is never in their books. They see plan B as a dangerous philosophy that every man must stay far off from. Christopher Columbus, together with his crew and the other crew on the other ships, after being at to sea for several days and the near mutiny that ensued, never gave up by returning to Spain. But kept on, and kept on, until victory was near in sight. We must learn from this great man. You must understand that the American continent was discovered on the basis of perseverance. If they had Plan B and returned back home as the near mutiny seems to suggest, probably America will never be found. That mind in those great men should be in you also, if you want to see your goals come to pass and a life.


Your goals, are your life line to a happy living and prosperity. Don’t throw them away. Probably you are working for money, and you are really not fulfilled as you will like to have. You are thinking of changing jobs or maybe you think your potentials are not being put to good use or fully utilized. Dot listen to the society, and so do their bidding. Listen to that small child crying inside of you, beckoning you to take a new step of your life and bring peace and prosperity in to your life. That small voice has been neglected for so long. That voice is a voice of salvation…listen to it, and you will live your life every day like fun. Your life will be a happy one.


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