How To Use The Mysterious Third Eye To Your Advantage

How To Use The Mysterious Third Eye To Your Advantage


This mysterious third eye that we all posses is our only hope for survival in this uncertain world.

Many of our businesses,relationships and other endeavors will never had gone awry,if we had made good use of the third mysterious eye which is within our disposal that we don’t know of or we only have a slight Idea of.Some people seem to be more creative,very wise and more industrious than others.They seem to sniff success from afar and then take advantage of it.They detect and predict people’s behavior just by their mere presence.Just recently,I was chatting with a lady friend of mine who bemoans of her not finding the right man to marry.She seems hysterical and not knowing what to do.She doesn’t understand why all the guys who came into her life don’t love her the way she wanted.So I asked her,what she thinks was the problem.She told me that all what had happened to her was a clear indication that she was not lucky.The frustration I saw in her eyes and the anxiety she displayed was soul aching and wrenching.

Stop using logic and use more of this third eye.This third eye always gives us warning from impending danger.It couples with the still small voice that direct us into the right direction.If we had listen to it and see with it, most of our problems would have been solved by now.

How  Do  We  Assess  This  Third  Eye


This third is within you ;you have it.You only need to sharpen it to a level where you can see clearly,beyond the natural. Isaac Newton used this eye and saw the apple fall and made meaning out of it.Copernicus and Galileo used that eye and gave us some understanding of the solar system and the universe though Copernicus had no technological apparatus during his research but he made an important discovery.Any entity or an individual that has achieved phenomenal success is attributed to this third eye.
What is this third eye that I have been talking about for so long here ?This third EYE is your subconscious mind of which your intuition is inclusive.It is a voice,is like the voice of the gods.Its quietness indicates an impending trouble or danger.It is our rader in uncharted waters.He chastises us when we make mistakes.It directs us when  WE have lost our path.It consoles us when we are in sorrow.

Pay  More  Attention


The more you pay attention to your environment and your intuition, the more you see with your third eye.Your third eye is sharpened more than the eye of an eagle, when you pay attention.When you pay attention you get things that ordinary people don’t necessary get.All genuineness starts from paying attention.Winston Churchill is one legend that I admire so much when it comes to the using of the third eye effectively.He warned the then British prime minister to be weary of the Third Reich headed by the vociferous Adolf Hitler.He told them that he foresees that Adolf Hitler was preparing for war in secret, but the then British government refused to heed to Churchill’s calls.After Adolf Hitler declared war on Great Britain and the dominions.Great Britain was automatically unprepared for this war;Britain virtually had no weapons, they had only hand full of old warships that could not kill an ant.It was on this note that Churchill invited Americans into the war ,after he becoming the prime minister.America entering into the war, also came with their own interest and conditions.Churchill had no choice but to sign the Atlantic charter.Churchill never wanted that charter.He accepted the charter because Britain  desperately needed ammunition and logistics for the war effort.That single episode exchanged the hands of power from Great Britain to America.It made great Britain lost their supper power status to America.If they had listened to Churchill from the beginning who uses his third eye more effectively,America will never had entered into the war and Britain alone will had gone to the war without any outside help,and therefore, Britain will still be ruling us now.For Britain alone was then commanding about 70% of the world resources.Britain together with her dominions had about 400 ,000 standby soldiers at their disposal.But Great Britain did not prepare adequately.One need about one year and half to build U boats and submarines and other huge warships.Adolf Hitler used about 7 years in building his ammunition while Great Britain did nothing.Before Britain will realized, it was too late.


Use the third eye effectively,and you will live at peace with yourself and to others.You will grow more in the affairs of life.You will be like the pimpernel that can’t be traced, but always around.You will be the wonder of your peers.

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