Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood-

                                              Marie Curie

A few days back, I watched Dr. James David Manning, Chief Pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City on YouTube. He preached about Africa’s problems, though I didn’t like the direction he took, but for the purpose of this piece I will like to pick some inspiration from his sermon. I will like to pick the theme that runs through the whole sermon. He made mention that an African can be trained in anything, and yet he wouldn’t be able to make any head way in all his endeavors .He beliefs that the Blackman not being able to make ahead way is as a result of his inability to understand the world in which he lives. Understanding as a virtue is not only Africa’s problem but a problem of all humanity. Gaining understanding of life is an asset of real value worthy of human effort and sacrifice. We go to school so we can gain understanding, and those who fail to understand drops out. They become non entities and therefore fail to be useful to society and for themselves. All those who couldn’t succeed in life, is as a result of their inability to understand something. For example, before you can drive, you will have to understand how cars are driven. If you’re in the medical school and don’t understand what you’re being thought, you won’t be allowed to pass out because if you come out without understanding you will destroy people lives. Understanding is life. What separate humans from animals is UNDERSTANDING.


Understanding can be very difficult to grasp, but when you get it you’re through to life. True understanding is our only protection when we can’t run from danger; our only hope of a meal when food is beyond our reach; our only safety when we can’t fight. It is in truth, our main means of community survival and the only asset we can accumulate in life that cannot be easily lost or taken from us. Without true understanding of life we have little control of our lives or the future. To just react blindly to act, protest or praise without understanding is to be no more than leaves blown in the wind. The bliss of ignorance is a bliss of stupidity. Understanding of what is outside of ourselves separates the human from animal. Without understanding of life we are no better than animals and behave worse.We will look briefly the importance of understanding and how you can use it  for your own benefits.Let get down to business and see  how things will go.


In the year 1000BC, the first King of Israel was killed as a result of a long protracted war with their arch enemies, the Philistines .They needed a replacement; someone with strong will, intelligent, God-fearing and a fighter. The tribal leaders were divided on the issue of whether Israel should continue with the dynasty of King Saul, their first king or a new dynasty should be put in place under a new leader called David, the shepherd boy from Bethlehem who was then the anointed king over only one tribe, Judah (his own tribe).The tribal men who decided to follow the old tradition decided to pick the king from one of the descendant of the dead king .His name was Ish –Bosheth.He ruled for only two years. The tribes of Israel were 12 in number; 11 supported Ish-Boshet, and only one supported the shepherd boy. A time came when all tribes’ men realized that Ish-Boshet was not strong enough to rule, they started shifting and started gravitating toward King David, the then king of Judah.Asking him to lead them as he once did when he was the army commander. They did not only want him to lead them in battles but to rule them as their king. So when all the tribal men started swearing their allegiance to King David, there was one tribe Called ISSACHAR .This tribe has about 200 chiefs with many subjects under them, came and sworn an allegiance to the king .The swearing of allegiance to King David by the men of ISSACHAR was so significant that it sealed the fate of King David as the king over the whole Israel. According to Jewish history the men of Issachar always understood the times and knew what should be done at any point in time. That is how understanding the times turns you into. Understanding the times will influence you to use current events for your own advantage. You will be a man of prudence and wisdom when you are capable of reading the times.That is why you should do anything possible to attain understanding. Understanding of timing is very crucial if one is to make a headway in his endeavors.Continue scanning the environment for opportunities. There are so many opportunities to make money if you will only open your eyes a little when you walk in town. All the tribes’ men were shifting post, they were changing their minds,the men of Issachar too saw the opportunity and they joined them.


We gain most of our understanding through experience, intentional study and observation. When we gain understanding we gain wisdom. Understanding is far of a greater value than money or possessions. This is a fact that you can easily gain these valuables by understanding and lose all without them. We all know that life is not easy but the moment we understand that life is not easy then it becomes easy.In understanding life, we no longer complain about how hard life is or how unfair life has been. By accepting these facts give you some level of freedom which is far beyond most people’s reach. Without understanding of life we tend to be controlled by negative tendencies such as greed, selfishness, envy, pride and prejudice. Through understanding our personal freedom becomes lasting which is not only beneficial to us but the people around us.As we all know, our actions and inactions reflects what goes on within us. The battles we fight within us are the same battles we fight outside of us. So if person’s world is in turmoil that is what he will reveal. When we do not understand these influences they cause us to behave without human restraint. Won’t you be happy if you have more freedom to do anything?I know you want it,I know you want to be happy.So do this: THINK RIGHT, THINK POSITIVE AND STOP WORRYING.


Anytime we lose our peace of mind, our behavior become thoughtless and therefore tend to create pain and trauma for others and ourselves, just because we lack understanding.So when we say, ” life was not meant to be easy “ the only thing we are trying to portray here is that life must be understood in the sense of ‘easy’. Eschewing all irresponsible behaviors,and taking responsibility for our actions. When we take responsibilities for our actions we get enormous  peace of mind. By understanding, you do not behave anyhow but you’re influenced to think through issues before you take an important decision. To gain peace of mind, make correct decisions and stick by it all your life.


When we are faced with huge task to solve a particular problem, then our greatest hope lies in our understanding of the issues at hand, and our ability to make good judgement. Understanding of issues and solving them makes the day for all. Life will be very difficult without understanding. The most dangerous aspect of this life is to live your life without understanding. If we can achieve anything of value; we have to care enough about life so as to put truth ahead of ego, moderation ahead of pleasure, humility ahead of pride and mercy ahead of prejudice.


I find it very difficult to believe that some people still believe in predestination. With this belief, people tend to live their lives on the basis on some whims and caprices of some deity or they just give up life and handed it over to fate. Let me make it clear here that man is not the product of fate but his decisions and actions. His decisions to acquire wisdom and understanding, cannot be on the basis of fate or predestination as some Christian churches preaches. His decision to study how money works, his decision to study nature and acting in harmony with it, makes all the difference in his life. It is said that there are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who never know what’s hit them. Those who cannot be bothered to try to understand life and leave life to fate make up the last two categories and are now the great majority of the world’s people. You determine your own destiny when you understand life. Don’t watch things happen or allow things to hit you, make things happen.

Understanding is the only thing of real value we can accumulate. Empires that ruled the world did it on the basis of understanding something. Egyptian ruled the world for over thousands of years because they understood: mathematics, and geometry, astrology, and the sciences. Babylonians forged an empire because of their understanding for luxury. The Medians and Persians conquered the world because they understood how to unite. The Assyrians forged an empire for themselves because they knew how to intimidate. Greeks ruled the world because of their understanding in wisdom and knowledge. The Romans took over the world because they understood how to build better roads and a military might. The Ottoman Empire took almost 60% of Christian dominated lands and become one of the greatest empires in human history simply because they understood an organized religion. The Anglo-American empire rules the world today because of their understanding in Technology. They control the world’s technology and that is a fact. You cannot achieve greatness without understanding something. Choose something you have obsession for, and spend all your time understanding it, and you will one day be part of all those who had gone before you, who had won the Nobel Peace Prize.



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