If You Get Wrong With This You Are Done With Life

If   You   Get    Wrong   With   This   You   Are   Done   With   Life


Woe unto any man  when he is in trouble and will have no one to motivate him and to spur him on.

If you will observe life  very carefully,it seems some people get so much broken and even commit suicide when they encounter some resistance along the way to their success.Whilst others will go through the same setbacks and yet show no signs of brokenness and behave  as if nothing had happened.Some even stop living their lives because someone broke their hearts.Some get so much broken and yet they pick up the pieces and move on as if nothing had happened.What is this secret  that those who survived have?What qualities do they have that their other counterparts do not have? You want to know why,read on….


In this life, there is no doubt, you’re going to face loads of troubles and tribulations. The moment you understand this fact, then there is no need to complain when you meet one. You will go through hard times and heart breaking episodes that you never imagined. You will always be in conflict most of the time than not being in conflict. Life is not fair and so you must always equip yourself better to deal with issues that tend to fight you in every inch of the way. You must possess certain qualities that are not easily come by , so that  when you’re down you will be propped up in no time.Every great leader or every successful man that has made great gains has one thing that his fellows don’t have. It separates the common leaders from great leaders. It separates the successful from the unsuccessful. With this issue at hand, no teacher,no counselor or advisor can help you and except yourself. You are your best friend. You are your best teacher. You are your best shot. If everybody abandons you,you only have yourself to challenge ,and to contend with, and to free yourself and to bounce back to life and to normalcy.


 Life  Will  Screw  You


When we achieve our cherish goals we are happy. The feeling of achieving something worthwhile is so good and fulfilling that we want to it continue till eternity. Life always has a way of bringing us into an abrupt end of this joy we have.The common reason is that  life may not always give you what you want, and so you must be prepared for any surprises. Life is not all about winning but has a huge packages of discouragement in every steps of the way. From child hood we were only thought how to win but not how to lose. So any time we encounter a little setbacks, then it becomes a shock to us all. Any time things don’t go our way, it hits us so hard to the core as if  Tomahawk bomb has hit us.  The moment we refuse to accept our own failings and start blaming ourselves and others unnecessarily, we start heading down hill. I’m not saying we should accept your failures and just give up hope ,and not doing anything about it but we must  work hard to bounce back.If life has not yet screwed you, then you better be prepared because you will have loads of it. Life will screw you until there is nothing to be screwed. Let me tell you this facts, in this life you’re going to fail more; face more problems; cry more; experience even more catastrophic and heart breaking situations than many people . You will face disappointments. You will fight more battles than you will ever imagined. Some will be  battling with terminal diseases, if not already.Battling and struggling with a shock of a death of a loved one,if not already. A battle of an imminent divorce and many more. In all these, you must do something to survive without getting affected in the process.


This  Is  The  Secret Of  The Ages


This is the secret of the ages.This is what queens and kings used to confound generations.They kept it as a secret from the common man.Army generals,Religious leaders and inventors used it to grab fame.What is this Secret? The secret is motivation .It is your ability Motivate yourself.

In other to survive, you must have enough amount of inspirational and motivational power  reserve for that D- day.In other to stand on your two feet and to declare to the world that you are not just  a mere man, but a man  with strong showings and have something to show of life, then you must have a huge amount of motivational and inspirational power house that keeps you from falling off the cliff of life, and letting you bounce back within the shortest possible time.

We must accept our failings in the sense that it is part of us and therefore it is not a big deal, and that we need to do more to motivate ourselves so we can surge forward despite our previous failings. Accepting your failure is a form of healing. You must come out unscathed. You can only stand all these, if you have enough motivation and inspiration backing you.With  this kind of  motivation,it must come only from within and not from anyone else. One of the most important aspect of surviving a calamity is to motivate your very self,a lot of which will go along way to steer you through the uncharted waters. You are the only person that can motivate yourself for good.No one can help you on this.

A few years back, I was going to write my final professional exams and had examination fright. I was dead scared and the thought of writing that examination was really nerve racking. The reason is that I have failed that paper four times and the thought of failing again really placed me in a serious depressional mood. Two hours before time, I  contemplated of withdrawing from the exams altogether but I decided to still go ahead and, still shaking with fear. I asked for a psychologist to psyche me .The resource person I met spoke all the nice words that could put me in a better mood position but it did not work.I told the psychologist that he should stop offering those solutions because his sayings are not working on me,it simply not working.  I began talking to myself,and I realized my very self is responding to the instruction am giving and it listened, went ahead and wrote the exams and passed. You are the only person yourself can listen to. All what the counselor was doing is to appeal to  me to accept his sayings. Let all the world best therapists and the Psychologist come to work on you, unless you order yourself to comply with what they had to say and your body will reject everything.


 Your  Self  Talk  Can  Make  You  or  Break  You


Watch this, you’re your self-talk. Yourself- talk can make you or ruin your life. Show me a depressing people and I will show you their depressing self-talk. People who are always depress, try get into the very detail of their lives and you will realized that they are always feeding themselves with depressing thoughts. You are the best person your body will listen to, all others are just appealing to your senses. That is why you represent or occupy a unique place in your very self and the universe .You are the only person to motivate you. When you are down and you do not know what to do, and thinking that all has ended and that is the end of your life, just hang in the there. If you don’t even achieve your goal, you have at least tried and that is the most important.But if you refuse continue to motivate yourself to move more forward despite your little failings, you will not reach anywhere and you will end up being bitter and discouraged.


Every successful man has a strong citadel that when he faces strong oppositions he goes there to bounce back. The reason why so many people are failing is that they cannot motivate themselves when they encounter hurdles. They sit there  till they become so rusty and then are no longer looking useful.They  just seem to await for someone to come and motivate them. More and more people are getting frustrated by the day, especially those who are known to be in the motivation business. They too are facing their own battles and so you don’t expect these guys to leave their problems to come and solve your problems for you. So you will have to take your destiny into your own hands and learn how to motivate yourself when the going gets tough. Sometimes you will speak and speak ,and the self will refuse to be motivated but you will still have to stay put,salvation will come.During boxing bouts you will see all the time the boxer’s team  at the corner, motivating and spurring him on into victory.That is how life is.With the boxer, he has others motivating him but it is up to him to make use of that information.He only needs to take that information to motivate himself. You will have to be like Christopher Columbus after many days at sea , seeing no lands,  continued to motivate himself.Although he had the opportunity to turn back when things started getting  tougher and yet he spurred on and achieved great a many things beyond all expectations.


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