If You Want To Make A Mark In This World,Build Your Personal Power

If You Want To Make A Mark In This World,Build  Your Personal Power

When people follow you willingly, then you have developed your personal power


Great men have occupied great positions of power and might since time immemorial. Many did great deeds and to some, there was nothing to write home about. Some good leaders and not so good ones were brought down from power to nothing within a twinkle of an eye. In the time past, and even now, some see the positions they occupy as their own and of which their lives depend on. Anyone who dares to get close to such a realm would have to face the full rigors of their powers. They willed so much powers that it would be impossible for you to think that they will never be ousted. There are those who get their powers and influences from their own personality, and that power, I call it PERSONAL  POWER and this is what you should aim at,and there are those who derive their powers from the position they occupy ,and this one you must truly avoid.




Have you ever wondered why some leaders are so influential that even their share holders are even scared of them and to Some, they are a necessary evil that must gotten out of the way?The former has build his personal power whilst the later is merely occupying the position.The moment those who derive their powers from their positions get hurled out, their influences ends there. As if they never existed. You will never hear from them again. There are situations where wild jubilation precedes some leaders’ departure .Such leaders have built their powers on their job and not their very person. Such leaders are disgraced even in their death. They are snuffed off like a strong air blowing a lightened candle. Whilst others, when they are taken out by unscrupulous persons, brings confusion. Their departure divides the whole entity they lead. And even when they leave, their influences even rises higher. I heard one influential pastor said that if he is to lose all what he has gotten today, he will be able to get back double of it . He said this to his congregation because the position he occupies is as a result of his own ingenuity, hard work and smart attitude. Therefore the institution is him and the institution exist because of him. If he is no more, the whole institution goes down with him. If he does not have a successive plan, his institution dies with him. If the organization exist because of you, then you have really developed your personal power. When people follow you willingly, then you have developed your personal power. Some questions you need ask is, as to whether the position you occupy is as a result of your own personal power or  it is a positional power.




I had a chat with a friend of mine a few years ago about positional power, and he expressed his dismay about how awful it could be when one is no longer occupying a particular position. He was, and still occupying a very influential position in his company. Any time he is on duty, people would call him and ask him how he was doing and he felt some level importance. He thought the whole world was at his beck and call. He had a rude shock of his life when he went on leave, and nobody dares calls him to see how is was doing. He realized that people loved him not because of who he is, but they loved him because of the position he occupies.
One the former presidents of my country also expressed this same dismay……about positional power. He noted that when he was in power everybody wants him. Kings and Queens comes to his house to pay him homage every day. Even during his birthdays, there were long queues awaiting with gifts for him. The moment he left power, nobody ever gets close to him except his family. Nobody even calls him to find out how he is doing. I hope yours is not the same. If it is, then you must start thinking of how you can free yourself from this quagmire and quickly build your personal power like Mandela and Others. Mandela, is an example of someone with personal power. He goes out of power and still willed so much influence. He goes everywhere with his personality. Even in his death the whole world converge to pay him his last respect.




To have personal power is the most important achievements of all ,and that one  alone should be your personal goal and nothing else. All your doings, your work and actions and inactions should lead you to the attainment of this personal power. If you’re not wise enough and continuously work so hard for someone else’s institution and not your own, you will be there and a mere stooge ,through share envy ,will drive you out of the position with nothing to hold on. The advice here is, don’t waste your energy on some else’s institution. How then do you build this personal power since personal power can’t be attained by everybody else?






Which means that you must do things differently from what the rest of the people in the world are doing. People are really tired of listening to the same preachings, the same songs, the same type of leadership styles and so forth. People want something new and something exciting,and you must represent that new thing and that excitement, if you want to build your personal power. So stop imitating people. People are tired of people trying to mimic everybody who has attained some status. If you’re a writer, be unique in your own writings. Follow your own path, and not what others have forced on you .This is the first stage to personal power. At this stage, you will begin to look exciting. Robert Frost once said that there were “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. What Robert is telling us is that we must avoid being like everybody else and let stay on course of being unique in everything we do and we will make a lot of impact in the lives of people.



People will never follow you if you don’t represent hope to their aspirations. Barack Obama, as the first black African American to annex the white House, won the hearts of people with his message representing some traces of hope. All what Obama rode on into power was because he offered his followers hope than any of the candidates that contested him. If you want to have personal power, you must offer hope. People should trust you that you’re able to do what you say you will do. Your actions should match your sayings. Jesus the Christ, Plato, Mohammed all were beacon of hope for their followers. You must represent hope if you want to attain that position. At the end of the day, your hearers would want to know whether you’re capable of helping them achieve their greatest needs or their aspirations. If you’re able to convince them that you’re able, then you’re have a ‘slave’ for life.



People always follow leaders that are stronger than themselves. If you seem to be weak and feeble and unconcerned, people will run over you. You must always be ahead of your followers in terms of knowledge, wisdom and strength. You must listen the people and show them love. One of the mark of a good leader is the ability of the leader to listen to the people he serves. If you would not listen, then you will not have credible following. As the leader, you must be proactive. You must arrest situations before it starts raising its ugly heads. You must be morally astute and approachable so that the common people can come to you for solutions. You must be sympathetic to your followers. It said that Napoleon Bonaparte willed so much influence on his followers that his presence or  his equality alone amounted to about 40,000 soldiers. King David, The Hebrew King, was equal to 10,000 soldiers.




Malcolm X was one of the Kingpins of Elijah Mohammed,the then leader of The Nation of Islam. He represents Elijah Mohammed everywhere. Elijah Mohammed was known to be a preacher who preaches against infidelity and evils of the day. He preached chastity and the need for young girls and young boys to stay pure to the holy course. Elijah Mohammed was seen as impeachable in terms of morality and purity. Malcolm X, one day realized and heard that he, Elijah Mohammed, had compromised on some of his teachings. The things he tells them not to do, he does them .It was because of that that Malcolm X resigned with some die- hard followers ,and went on and formed his own organization.A leader’s words must not only be a law onto itself but for others also. He must first master what he says before he tells his people to obey. When people see that you’re being truthful to yourself and to others, they will love you and follow you.


If you really want to build a strong cult following,you must have all these four ingredients for your taking .It must be part of you .All  great leaders  like Gandhi,Winston Churchill and many more, had all these four ingredient before they were able to make such a strong  impacts.

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